How to Make a Female Toga CostumeCredit: want to know how to make a toga for a costume party? A toga party is traditionally a cheap, easy sort of costume party where the emphasis is on looking silly for a laugh, so real craft skills are not needed. You can get away with just tying a sheet over one shoulder right over your clothes, in a pinch! It's sure to get a laugh, so there's no pressure. However if you would like to know how to make a toga that looks nice and neat, read on!


Things you'll need:

    Safety pins
    Roman clothing accessories


Choose a sheet. Traditionally, when deciding how to make a toga you would choose a clean white sheet. You could use off white or cream for traditional looking Roman clothing if you have a warm skin tone or bright white for rosy complexions. However, ask the host if they're going traditional or any sheet will do. If you have plans for how to make a toga more expressive, choose bold colors or patterns! If you're more focused on outrageous fun than authentic Roman clothing, a leopard print toga is sure to make you the hit of the party!

Choose ties to hold the sheet in place. For Roman clothing, simple is more authentic. A bit of brown rope would work perfectly. Or for how to make a toga with flair, you could use gold cording, found in craft stores to look like a "noble Roman."

Choose a symmetrical or asymmetrical look for your toga. If you want to know how to make a toga asymmetrical, tuck the center of the sheet under your left armpit and tie the top corners over your right shoulder. Wrap the front of the toga against your right side, and wrap the back of the toga against your right side on top of that. Go ahead and use safety pins down your right side to keep it closed if it's not staying put to your liking. It doesn't matter that ancient Roman clothing doesn't have it; they won't show up.

Use the ties for a Roman clothing style belt. If you'd like to know how to make a toga costume with a more definition right above your bust, you can create a cuff out of another piece of the tie for the toga "strap" on your right shoulder. At this point, decide how you'd like to protect your modesty; it's fine to wear a tank top under when you're figuring out how to make a toga but it doesn't want to stay put. Or if you feel confident and well pinned, a strapless or asymmetrical bra under your Roman clothing works too.

Don't forget your Roman clothing accessories! For a cute, authentic costume, sandals are a must. A laurel wreath for your head completes the look. And that's all there is to it!  A fun, feminine toga for your themed costume party.  Have fun with your quest in how to make a toga, and enjoy the party!