Tried every acne remedy on the market and at the end of your wits because nothing is working? Factory manufactured products and chemicals just don't have the good feelings or proper imbuement on them to be good for your skin. Instead, they cause over drying, more breakouts and worse, they take all your money. Acne free skin shouldn't cost a fortune and it shouldn't come in a pre-processed bottle full of harmful chemicals. Try this free Wiccan acne solution before you ever shell out another penny.

Things You Will Need

witch hazel

precious gemstone

6 rose petals

Step 1

Look at your face in a mirror and take note of all the acne problems. This can be a difficult step but it is necessary for this Wiccan acne solution to work.

Step 2

As you look at yourself, begin to imagine your skin changing, become acne free and glowing.

Step 3

Rub the stone - I feel birthstones are the most appropriate as you already have an innate connection to that stone - over your acne problem areas. Do this very gently. You don't want to cause yourself harm.

Step 4

Say, "Goddess, erase my acne as I rub. As I will it, so mote it be," as you continue to rub. You may say this a few times, especially if you are rubbing face, neck, chest or more.

Step 5

Drop the stone into the witch hazel.

Step 6

Collect the yellow petals in your hands. These should be fresh petals - picked just hours before you began this spell casting. Yellow is ideal as it signifies healing and renewal; great for an acne remedy.

Step 7

Say, "Goddess, place upon me the beauty of these petals. As I will it, so mote it be."

Step 8

Rub the petals gently, one by one, over the imperfections.

Step 9

Drop them into the witch hazel one by one, as soon as you are done rubbing them over the problem areas.

Step 10

Cap the bottle and give it six shakes each day for a week.

Step 11

At the end of the week use the mixture every day as a toner.

Step 12

Say, "Acne, go away. Natural beauty come through today. So mote it be."

Step 13

Wash your face 15 minutes after use and pat face dry. This is the ultimate acne solution and all it took was a little Wiccan spell casting. You're on your way to acne free skin.

Tips & Warnings

Even if you are not proficient with Wiccan spells, the witch hazel is very good for acne prone skin.