Whether hosting a birthday party for youth through adults, a bridal shower, or a baby shower when it comes to entertainment be unique and creative. Make a customized and free word search game. Your Guest of Honor will be showcased and the guests will enjoy playing a new game that is fun and challenging.

List of Words

Make a list of words that pertain to the Guest of Honor for the party. Word search puzzles can be made to be easy and with large text for kids or with many words for adults.

Make a list of questions that the Guest of Honor answers before the party. Make a list of the answers for the word search puzzle. During the party ask the Guest of Honor the same questions while the other guests search for the answer in the puzzle.

Make the Word Search Puzzle

Search for 'free word search maker' in your web browser.

Follow the directions for the word search puzzle website selected.

Enter the list of words. Some word search puzzle generators ask how many rows, columns, text size, the direction the words will be spelled and other options including text size and naming the puzzle.

Type in the words from the list you created. You can have the words listed or hidden. Select "create" or ok". According to EdCreate.com," "The computer will try to place as many words as possible into the puzzle, but some words may not be used." Review the puzzle to ensure the random letters surrounding the words do not spell an offensive word.

Save the work search puzzle to your computer then print. Another option is to save the puzzle to your computer and then add a text box and type in the questions or clues and keep the answers hidden. Then print.

Fun Alternatives

Find word search puzzles that can be used interactively. Search for "word search puzzles online". You make the puzzle and others can search the puzzle online.

Locate word search puzzle generators that make the puzzle in different grid shapes such as round, smiley face, spiral, and more. Search "word search puzzles shapes".