A princess costume can be an inexpensive or last minute creation. You can draw inspiration from your favorite fairytales or get a unique take on a Halloween staple. Stores like BuyCostumes.com and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores have supplies and accessories for these outfits.

Step 1: Choose an Inspiration

You can pick princesses from movies, storybooks or even history to base your costume around. Cartoon princesses generally have specific dress styles and color palettes associated with them. You can decide what being a princess means to you.

Step 2: Start with a Pre-Made Dress

You can use anything from an old prom dress to a vintage party dress for the base of your costume. This saves time and cuts down on sewing. You can often find these pieces in thrift shops for less than the cost of new fabric. Look for feminine colors like pink and purple. Another color option would be to go with a gold or silver material. The dress should feature a rich taffeta, satin or silk fabric. Velvet is an opulent fabric and is also warm enough for cool trick or treating nights. Then, add embellishments by gluing or sewing lace and jewels around the collar and sleeves for an over the top royal look.

Step 3: Make It Age Appropriate

Everyone from toddlers to adults can dress up in princess costumes. It's a popular option just because it's a chance to look glamorous and you can use a lot of the items that you already have in your wardrobe. It is important that adults ensure that the costume is still sophisticated. You could just wear a party dress, high heels and a tiara. Then, use the dress again for special occasions. For toddlers and babies, find comfortable pieces such as a long sleeve t-shirt and a fluffy tutu or skirt.

Step 4: Get a Tiara

Accessories are one of the most important part of a princess outfit. You'll need some sort of a headpiece. This could be an oversized ribbon headband with faux crystals on it. Another option is to just cover a cone party hat in fabric and hang tulle off the back.

Step 5: Personalize the Outfit

Since princess costumes are so popular, you really need to customize yours so it stands out. A fairy princess can have wings and a wand. You could also try out a modern pink wig to be a punk princess. Renaissance royalty uses fabric covered crowns and veils. Another hallmark is long, flowing sleeves. Thrift stores often have 1970's dresses with high necks and lace that would work in this case.

Step 6: Give the Outfit Sparkle

Since princesses are associated with wealth, it's time to pile on the faux gems. This can be standard costume jewelry or go for a fun sequined handbag. Even a metallic belt can mimic gold. Incorporate a fur lined cape into the costume. This keeps you warm without breaking up the entire look. You can go for a metallic shoe or a glittered version; just make sure that it's comfortable enough for trick or treating.