Halloween is almost upon us and soon, all around the country, people will start preparing to celebrate this strangest of festivals. Yards and porches will begin to transform from lovely family homes into haunted houses and misty graveyards. So, if you are the sort who likes to send greetings cards at this time of year, then you might want to think about making your own, especially in the current economy.

Halloween cards are easy to make and constructing your own adds that extra special touch that you just don't get with store bought cards. So, how does one go about creating a Halloween themed greeting card?Halloween card graphic

  • Don't be tempted to deviate from the usual when it comes to the Halloween theme, stick with the traditional Halloween orange and black for your card, that way it will be immediately identifiable to its recipient.
  • Don't confuse the issue by moving away from the conventional Halloween themes either. Using some ancient creature from the mists of folklore will only serve to confuse the recipient of the card, which kind of defeats the object of sending it. Now, I am not saying don't use your imagination, just stick to the well known themes that everybody recognizes.
  • Halloween monsters are fine, but Bigfoot and King Kong do not belong on the front of a Halloween card. Stay away from Science Fiction too. The idea of receiving a card with some B-Movie alien from the 50's or 60's is probably only going to bemuse the person you are sending it to. And while it may seem cool or original to you, this is Halloween, for goodness sake.
  • The Devil is probably not a good choice either. While he is obviously associated with the Halloween festival you may find that you have the opposite effect that you are looking for and instead offend the card's recipient if they open it up and see Satan staring back at them.
After you have decided on your design and you get around to choosing your materials, always make sure that you use good quality card or construction paper. Steer clear of regular paper, it will just look cheap an flimsy.

Let your imagination roam free but keep it within the realms of the Halloween theme. You can use bats, and Jack-O-Lanterns, cobwebs and spiders, witches and cauldrons. If you stick to these simple rules you will soon have the perfect Halloween card.