Group on FacebookA great way to advertise a business or website is to make a group on Facebook. Social networking can help get the word out about a new business product or event. A successful business will use social networking tools to advertise. Once you get some people to "like" your group, they will tell their friends who will tell their friends...etc. It will produce a snowball effect. Thousands of people will see your product or website. Make a group on Facebook to start advertising today.

Things You Will Need

Internet Access
Digital Photo

Step 1

To start a Facebook group page, log into your Facebook account and visit by typing it into your browser's address bar and hitting enter.

Step 2

Select the type of page you want to create and type in a page name. Read the terms of use and check the box saying that you agree to the terms. Click on "Create Official Page".

Step 3

Hover your mouse over the large question mark on the left side of the page. Click on "Change Picture" to select a new picture to represent your fan page. You are given a few options to do this including uploading a picture, taking a new picture and choosing a picture from your album.

Step 4

Click on "Edit Page" to edit your page's settings and options. You may want to edit your wall options to allow users post comments to your wall. This will allow your customers to connect with your business. You can also add video and pictures to your page. Adding a discussion board to your page will give your customers another place to connect with your business and other customers.
By setting up a Facebook group page, your business will grow like you never thought possible. It only takes a few people to see the snowball effect begin. Social networking is the new way to advertise these days. Setting up a group page on Facebook will allow you to keep up and change along with your customers.

Tips & Warnings

Choose a name that people can easily find.
Encourage your customers to interact with the page by posing questions or offering giveaways.
Consider paying for advertising to promote your Facebook page.
If a customer posts a bad comment about your business on your wall, don't just delete it. This is the perfect opportunity to change someone's mind and score some new customers. This is a great reason to start a Facebook group page.