Nun Costume

If you want to learn how to make a Halloween nun costume then you don't have much further to go! Unfortunately, this is one of those costumes that comes across as a lot more difficult than you might have originally thought. However, it can be fairly simple, assuming that you're pretty handy with a glue gun. So, here is a quick and easy way for you to make a Halloween nun costume!

You Will Need:

  • glue gun
  • black and white fabric
  • paper (preferably a large poster
  • stapler
  • a long black dress
  • optional-rosary (Don't wear it. Just carry it.)

First of all, to make a Halloween nun costume, you'll need to take a strip of white paper, about four inches wide and long enough to go around your head one and a half times. Then, staple the paper carefully to make a kind of crown. From there, hot glue white fabric to the outside of the paper crown. This will make your Halloween nun costume look a little bit more realistic. Make sure that you take the time to press the fabric carefully to the paper so that it doesn't bunch up or bubble and so that you have more than enough time to let it dry. You definitely don't want something that didn't dry on your head.

Next, glue the black fabric to the sides of the crown, making it so that there is one side of white fabric/paper crown that is uncovered on your Halloween nun costume. This will make it so that you are covered, but you still have that little white piece poking out. Either way, you'll look like a nun.

Put on your dress for your Halloween nun costume. You can also tie a cord around your waist (preferably black) as a belt, but don't use your rosary. In fact, don't wear your rosary either. This will be explained later on in the tutorial. Make sure to put on your hood and see whether or not it fits like it should and if it lays well also. A Halloween nun costume should look fairly neat and well-put-together. This is important to remember while you're creating a costume for a special occasion!

Finally, in explanation of why you should not wear your rosary with your Halloween nun costume, it's not only disrespectful, but it's also not authentic. Catholics (Nuns included) do not wear rosaries—instead, they carry them with them. So, while it's perfectly okay to carry them, don't wear them as a bracelet, as a necklace, or as a tiara. This is something that a lot of people don't know about Halloween nun costumes. However, it's easy to correct: Just don't wear your rosary with your Halloween nun costumes—carry them!

Other than that, you should be pretty much done with your costume. You can add nice black leather patent shoes if you like, or anything else that you feel will add to it! Also, you can also wear a white dress if you would prefer—but, remember that they're often see-through; you'll need something to go under it!