Why is a Healthy Breakfast for School/Work Important?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you are looking for a way to make a healthy breakfast to eat before work or school, for yourself or your kids, then this will help with some ideas. One of the biggest mistakes that parents make is what they feed their children before sending them off to school. The amount of sugar that is in the United States' food supply has increased tremendously, so it takes a willingness to want to eat healthy breakfasts, if you want to reduce sugar and eat healthy.

If you do not think that it is important to make a healthy breakfast to eat before school or work, for yourself or your child, then consider that kids, especially girls, are going through puberty at much younger ages now, as early as 7 or 8 years old, called precocious puberty. Girls entering puberty this young creates all sorts of unhealthy implications for their future. Considering puberty did not begin until 17 in the 1700s, something is wrong. Studies say this may be attributed, in part, to what people eat because there are more hormones in the food source. This estrogen spike in plastics and food stimulates the growth hormone in kids. Whether you child is past that age or not, it is still important to make a healthy breakfast to eat before school and work. Eating healthy, balanced meals and getting exercise are the keys to better performance in school and the workplace.

Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

To make a healthy breakfast to eat before school and work you might have to rethink the way you approach breakfast. It is important that what you put in your body first thing in the morning, the healthy breakfast before school and work, is not full of sugar. This cannot be stressed enough. The only way to make a healthy breakfast to eat before school or work is lowering, and then completely removing, sugar. You must get rid of sugar cereal whether it is yours or your child's. If you want to calculate the number of carbohydrates that are in a box of cereal (or any other food) then you subtract the fiber amount from the carbohydrate amount to get the total carbohydrates (carbs - fiber = total carbs). Obviously, this shows that the more fiber, the better, so adding fiber to your diet at anytime makes a healthy breakfast idea.

Make a Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

The best thing healthy breakfast idea for eating before work and school is a fruit smoothie. Fruit and veggie smoothies are one of the best, healthiest snacks and breakfasts that you can make. They can be made quick and easy and to your taste, such as strawberry smoothies, or other kinds of fruits that you like. With some smoothie recipes it will strike you that what you are drinking tastes so good that you will think it is a treat and not even realize you made a healthy breakfast drink. Using a smoothie to make a healthy breakfast before school or work will help you get many of the nutrients that you likely were missing or need to increase.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

1 banana (frozen or cut up into slices then frozen) {high potassium}

1/3 cup strawberries (frozen) {vitamin C, more than citrus fruits}

1/4 blueberries (frozen) {antioxidant rich}

1/4 raspberries (frozen) {highest fiber}

1/3 cup yogurt (use vanilla for sweeter taste or split between vanilla and plain, which is healthier)

1/4 cup frozen spinach {high iron}

1/2 apple {high fiber}

1 tablespoon peanut butter (no salt added, just peanut butter) {high protein}

1/3 cup Almond Milk, chocolate or chocolate soy milk

Put all of this in the blender, mix it up, and then serve the healthy breakfast smoothie. Because the fruit is all frozen you do not have to put ice into it. The amount of almond or soy milk will determine how thick it is, so if you want it to be really thick put in less and put in a little more if you want more smoothie or thinner consistency. Once you start making this as your healthy breakfast before school and work, for you or the kids, you can play around with the ingredients. Because of the raspberries, this is a high fiber smoothie, and that is good for you, too.

If you have kids and they are going to revolt against you putting spinach into the healthy before school breakfast meal, then slip it in anyhow. They will not taste it and neither will you. Unless you put more spinach than anything else, the spinach fruit smoothie does not taste like spinach. If you are not sure then try it with and without, but this recipe was made to be a healthy meal that tastes great without tasting like vegetables.

To save time making a smoothie as your healthy breakfast food you can prepare the serving sizes in one container the night before. The yogurt adds healthy bacteria for your stomach and helps with digestive diseases plus it is a great protein source (as long as you read label for lowest sugar). Do not get sugar free foods. Using aspartame and sugar replacements are not healthy. There are also smoothie makers that you can get from places like Walmart, Target or Amazon on a budget. You do need to have a blender.

Make a Healthy Breakfast Oatmeal

If you do not like making smoothies as your healthy breakfast meal then try oatmeal. There are some instant oatmeal warm cereals that are good. But, it is hard to find the instant, add water, oatmeal that does not have a lot of sugar added. The best thing to do is make your healthy breakfast oatmeal from scratch. Just use Quaker Oats or another brand, like steel cut oatmeal, and whip up the oatmeal. Then to make it taste better you can add some cinnamon, raisins, blueberries, and other frozen fruit toppings. This ends up being a warm breakfast that is also high fiber and has antioxidants.

A cold cereal idea is Nature's Path Pumpkin and Flax granola. It is delicious. Flax seeds are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, as long as they are not eaten whole. The body cannot digest their nutrients if they are not ground or sliced. Using this pumpkin flax granola cereal to make a healthy breakfast to eat before school and work is great. To top it off, instead of using dairy milk, try coconut milk. So Delicious cold coconut milk is a non-dairy product that has less calories, sugar, and is better for you than milk. It tastes great on the Nature's Path Pumpkin and Flax granola cereal.

A great store to shop at is Trader Joe's. If there is one in your area then you should check it out because you can save money shopping there instead of the regular grocery store. They are a healthier store with lots of alternatives. If the kids do not like the oatmeal or smoothie then look for whole wheat items for them. It is important to play around with the recipes here in order to find a taste they like because these are very healthy breakfast meals to make and eat before school or work. Cutting their sugar intake will increase their chances of success in school. It will also likely help some with school anxiety, whether it is first day or not.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas of a Budget

If you are shopping low income, all of these ingredients are available with food stamps. One thing that can be frustrating when you try to make a healthy breakfast or change the way you eat to more natural, organic, whole wheat, health-friendly foods, is the cost. But, by shopping smart you can eat healthy. One way to do this is by shopping for the frozen fruit at Target and Walmart. Both of these stores have food aisles that have cheaper frozen fruits and other food.

Another way to make a healthy breakfast and eat on a budget is by looking up the manufacturers for discounts. Often you can at least get one to try the item.

Change as much as possible. Use the discounts to help you eat healthy breakfast foods. Over time you should notice a difference in the way you feel. Adding exercise to your healthy breakfast eating will help your overall well-being.