Instructions on How to Make Your Own Herbal Packs (Cheaply)

Alternative remedies are popular currently and many people like to use herbal packs as a complementary therapy. They can be applied topically either hot or cold and, the aroma is soothing whether you believe it has any other health benefits or not. The temperature of the herbal pack can also help relieve sore muscles and lessen aches and pains. As the herbs do not come in direct contact with the body, it is a harmless way to give yourself some extra comfort when feeling ill without resorting to pharmaceutical means. Make your own herbal packs to save money. It is especially cheap to do if you have your own herb garden.

How to Make a Herbal Pack (Cheaply):

1. Recycle old pieces of fabric to reduce cost further. Old towels and clothes are ideal. Depending on the size of your scraps of material, you could make several herbal packs of varying shapes and sizes which will be useful for placing on different parts of the body. You can also put a variety of herbs in the packs and choose which you prefer when you want to use one. Materials like cotton, toweling, cotton flannel and fleece are ideal for herbal packs. In fact soft, washable fabric of any kind is fine, as long as it is relatively thick. Don't use polyester, acrylic-type fabrics for packs that you will put in the microwave. These kind of materials can scorch if heated too much.

2. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out two rectangles from the material. The rectangles should be a little larger in dimension than you want the herbal pack to be.

3. Pin the rectangles together inside out. The sides of the material that will end up as the outside of the herbal pack should be facing each other on the inside at this stage.

4. Leaving a 1/2 inch seam, sew the two rectangles together around three for the sides. Leave one of the short sides until last. On this last side, leave an unsewn gap in the middle of around a 1/3 of the length of that side.

5. Next, pull the material through the gap that you left in the short side so that the empty rectangular sack is facing the right way out. The seams should now be on the inside.

6. Almost fill the rectangular sack with long grain rice and a selection of dried herbs. Alternatively you can pour some essential oil into the rice before putting it in the pack.

7. Finally, sew the small opening that's left up by hand. Use small stitches so that the rice can't fall back out.

To use your herbal pack, place it in the microwave for 3 or 4 minutes if you want it warm. If you want to use it cold, place it in the freezer until chilled.

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