The most common method of at home teeth whitening is the use of mouth guards made from a special soft transparent plastic that can be formed to the shape of the teeth when warming up the mouth guard. There are many ways to whiten your teeth by using whitening tooth pastes from a low cost technique to the use of bleaching techniques that can cost $ 200. The cost of various procedures to whiten teeth is as follows. First one is a session that uses laser whitening and is carried out in the dentist and these whitening sessions can cost $ 120 or more, providing immediate results and providing whiter teeth.

Next is a tray adapted to your mouth and made by your dentist for whitening which is done at home. This option to whiten your teeth can cost anywhere from $60 to around $90. This specially made mouth guard can be used several hours a day or at night for two weeks, but your dentist will give you specific instructions to safely whiten your teeth.

There are a lot of over the counter whitening treatments that can be applied at home. These treatments are normally gel-based or similar to a tooth paste with qualities that will provide teeth whitening in a matter of a few applications. Another popular at home teeth whitening treatment are special teeth whitening pens and strips that can be bought online easily and normally provide you with good results for a reasonable price.

Now let's have a glimpse over procedure that does not use bleaching agents before we see at home teeth whitening treatment. Acting through physical action and / or chemicals helps to remove surface stains. All tooth pastes produce a mild abrasion to remove surface stains. Whitening tooth pastes have special chemical or polishing that provide additional stain removal.

Teeth whitening at home attract consumers for several reasons and some of them are their lower cost and ease of use, lower concentration of whitening agent is associated with greater safety procedures and opportunity to use home kits for maintenance bleaching.

A professional cleaning by the dentist or hygienist also uses an abrasive compound and polishing the teeth with which you can remove external stains caused by foods such as coffee, tea or snuff.Each individual responds differently to various bleaching techniques to achieve the smile you've always wanted. Only your dentist is one who can determine what is best for you. But the safest method always is at home teeth whitening methods as the side effects are minimized and as you are always sponsored with the precautions.

Mouth guards are filled with whitening gel containing 10% carbide peroxide solution. Ready-kappa may be included in a set of bleaching, which can be bought at any pharmacy. But a more effective method is the production of individual mouth guards on dental casts of the teeth. Such kappa that is made fit tight to the gums will be so comfortable to wear. Usually this teeth whitening treatment involves wearing mouth guards for 4-6 hours, but there are bleaching systems that are allowed to wear a mouth guard for 1 hour a day.

Stick– it's a small and elegant applicator, size and shape resembling a lipstick. Using special brush the whitening gel is applied onto the teeth and left for 3-5 minutes. This at home teeth whitening method is an excellent tool for removing plaque formed from cigarettes, wine and coffee, as well as to have a fresh breath. However, with more pronounced pigmentation of the teeth stick cannot cope.

This is the most popular and widely used method of DIY teeth whitening. There are 2 types of whitening tooth pastes. First one is based on the use of abrasives (e.g., soda or chalk), the second one is pastes, on the basis of chemical agents and natural enzymes. Most widely advertised brands of toothpaste that you can buy not only in pharmacies, but also in any hardware stores is the pasta with the addition of abrasive ingredients that provide whitening by mechanical action on raid.

Frequent use of these toothpastes can cause increased tooth sensitivity. Pasta-based chemicals have a milder impact on the teeth and do not damage the enamel. Substances in their composition carefully split the protein structure of plaque, thereby removing it. These pastes are products of professional oral care. Their cost is much higher abrasive pastes; however, performance and security are much higher.

Among the folk remedies for at home teeth whitening the most popular are baking soda, and wood ash. These substances can brush your teeth either in pure form or mixed with toothpaste. Dentists say that regular use of this method can cause thinning of enamel, increased tooth sensitivity and bleeding gums. Traditional medicine advises whiten your teeth with strawberry. The berries can be crushed, put on your teeth as toothpaste, or simply to drive the teeth, easily pushing until the juice. Bleaching effect caused by the content of the berries of vegetable acids, however, to whiten your teeth by several shades in this way will not succeed.The effectiveness of bleach in the home compared with office bleaching is low. And with certain types of pigmentation such as stains from tetracycline or fluorosis, without the use of professional whitening systems under the supervision of a dentist is necessary.

Teeth Whitening at Home using Salt and Lemon

If you don't wish to make out with chemicals then you can proceed naturally using salt and lemon, but the fact should be made clear that when we use natural ingredients the outcome will be a slower process, but ultimately you will get a permanent result. Now let us move on to, how to do at home teeth whitening with salt and lemon? The most effective teeth whitening method that can be done in home is nothing but using salt and lemon. Brushing with a paste of table salt and drops of lemon is one of the most effective home recipes.

To prepare the paste no matter the numbers, you only need to prepare what is necessary to reach all teeth, because of its intense action, it can weaken the teeth, so it should only be applied two to three times per week, as your teeth resist. Do not exceed two weeks followed by treatment, resting on your teeth for seven days. Teeth whitening is to be done consistently and gently, since salt is of abrasive nature if you apply your complete strength then you may have to prone to teeth sensitivity.

So be cautious with at home teeth whitening methods and take care not to do harm you will regret for the rest of your life.