Green Hosta

Some of the most beautiful gardens that I have seen are made up entirely of hostas. Hostas are ideal for several different spots and trouble areas when landscaping they are also relatively easy plants to grow. Hostas are very versatile plants and with their lush and beautiful foliage they can create a beautiful display when planted together. Hosta gardens are easy to complete with a five simple steps.

1. Select an area in your yard

Hostas usually grow better in shady or partly shady areas. Some ideal areas in your yard for a hosta garden would be under or near shade trees or an area near your home that is shaded by your home. Once you have found the perfect area for your garden you can design the shape and size of the garden, then you are ready to pick out plants!

2. Select the correct hostas for your climate

Most hosta plants can tolerate my different climate zones, most often from a zone 3 up to a zone 9. It is important to double-check though so your plants have the best chance of success. Also when you are picking out plants for your garden, pay attention to the types of soil the individual plants may prefer. This however should not be a huge concern when planting your hosta garden because most hostas can tolerate my different soil types.

3. Select different sizes of hostas

The most interesting and visually appealing hosta gardens have different size plants mixed together. If your garden if up against your house I recommend putting larger hostas in back create a cascade effect to small plants in the front. If you can walk around your garden you can either put large hosts in the middle and small on the outside or vary all the sizes in the garden for interest.

4. Select different colors and textures of hosta plants

The most fun part of making a hosta garden is picking out different colors of plants. Like different sizes of hostas, having different colors together in your garden will be visually appealing. Mix lime greens, blues and dark greens together along with two-tone variegated hosta plants. Picking out different textures of plants is also going to add interest to the garden along with different sizes and colors. Pick some plants with smooth leaves, some with large veined leaves, and some with curly, or puckered leaves. My favorite hostas to add interest to your garden are the White Feather Hosta, Big Daddy Hosta, Guacamole Hosta, and the Fire and Ice Hosta.

5. Accessorize your garden

Now that you have selected a spot for your garden, picked out your plants and planted your plants it is time to accessorize your garden to make it pop. Some things that you can do are add a brown mulch to keep weeds and down and to accent the shades of greens, blues, and whites of the plants. You could add stepping-stones though your garden or a birdbath. The possibilities are endless!