How to Make a Kick Ass Spandex Hammock!

Spandex Hammock

Always wanted a super groovy floating bed? Well then this is what you're almost looking for! In this how-to you're going to learn from a how to make a super comfy hammock that can be a fixed width but also can be converted to be cocoon like. Oh, and can also take 400 pounds or more (depends if you make it right though)

What you'll need:

4 m of spandex material [1 yard or meter in width]

20 grommets or islets (and grommet pounder and hammer)

Two metal rings to with a diameter of about 3 inches and the ability to hold upwards of 200 pounds each

60 feet of high strength according.

a roll of high-strength fabric band/ribbon, 8 m or more (1 1/2 inch diameter)

Two 1 1/2 inch diameter dowels each 3 feet long

Four 2 inch screws

A sewing machine (and good quality thread)

Fabric and Grommets

Fold your fabric lengthwise so as to double thickness and strength (don't take your chances). Fold over a 2 inch flap at each end, this is where you will be placing your 10 grommets and the four layers of fabric will give you the strength that you need. Hammer in the 10 grommets in a row on each end, equally spaced. Note about the grommets: generally a terribly stubborn invention, expect a good fight. Suggestions; precut your hole, cut the little wings bigger if they aren't going out properly and even bend them out a bit before pounding away.

Hammock corner


Sew on the fabric ribbon along the sides of the Hammock but not the ends. They're going to acts like gunwales or the outside frame of a trampoline and keep the hammock from stretching too much, in fact let's call them gunwales from now on. Make sure you sew them on with the closest stitching possible; they are going to be taking quite a bit of weight. Do at least two rows of stitching to ensure quality and durability. Leave about 10 cm unstitched on each end and create loop that measures up equal with the row of grommets. Make sure the loop s are strong for they will be taking the weight by being hooked on to the bars at each end/corner.


metal ring

Cut your cording into twenty equal segments, about 3 feet long and tie one through each grommet. Then tie each set of ten to a metal ring on each end, I suggest bowline knots. After you have set it up you may need to adjust the length of some cords to even out the weight. You now have a cocoon hammock, the next part will be about putting in bars at each end to spread and widen the hammock.


Take in hand your strong wooden doweling and ensure that is in fact 3 feet long, or at least as long as you hammock is wide (longer is fine because we have spandex!!) Drill in a screw at each end but leave it poking out about an inch or 3 cm. This is a peg where the loops of your gunwales are going to attach. Lay your dowels along each grommet line and loop each outer grommet onto your screw/peg, then also hook on the loops of you gunwales.


Ultimately you want your weight transferred from the spandex to the gunwales to the pegs, to the cords, to the ring and then to whatever tree/banister/monorail you have slung yourself onto.

Final step

Jump about voraciously! You now have a sweet ass spandex hammock! Set it up, tie it to some trees, whatever and get in. It will envelop you like a bowl of pudding does on a babys first birthday.