Setting up a craft booth show, can really make or break your craft sales. You need to set it up in such a way, that it is not overcrowded, yet uses up all the space wisely, and for profits to you! After all, at the end of the day, that is the goal right? For your craft business to prosper, at these craft shows whether indoors or out.

Utilize as Much of the Space as You Can ... Not Just the Tables, Create Vertical Wall Space Too!

Have you ever been to craft shows, where all the vendors,  rented those same 8 x 12 feet squares of area, and yet will place ONE table at the front of their space facing the aisle where all the potential customers are going, with the hopes that you will stop and take a look, while they sit behind the table and all their coats, boxes, and supplies etc are piled up behind them?

craft show space

The problem with a craft booth show, is that everyone tends to do this. They will have all their stock behind them in the empty space and everything shoved up front. This limits how many crafts you can display at your craft show, and limits your revenue.

Here is a great idea, and I can personally say, this works as I have done this. When you rent your craft booth show space, you are usually given one chair and one table. You can ask for 2 more tables, or rent them, for very little from them.

Set Up Your Tables to The Outside Edge of Your Booth Space to Welcome Customers Inside...

Take your 3 tables and set one up along the back of your space and the other two along the sides, right up to the border of your booth show area.

You will now have space in the middle, which is what you want. If you have lots of supplies and boxes etc, find room for them underneath these tables, and out of the way. There is no sense taking up valuable real estate with your supplies, when it could be used to sell your crafts and make money.  

You are usually provided with tables when you rent the space, but many times the shows are outdoors especially in the summer months, in this case you may need to invest in a tent shelter to protect your from the weather and hot sun.  They don't usually provide you with a shelter, this is up to you.


Create Your Own Shop with a Craft Tent

Eurmax 10'x10' Ez Pop-up Canopy Tent Commercial Instant Tent with 4 Removable Zipper End Side Walls and Roller Bag, Bonus 4 SandBags (White)
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Display is Everything! You can use one of these tents inside or outside. they make an inviting area. You can zip this up at the end of the day to protect your products too.

Craft Show Displays for Back of Booth or Tent - Create Portable Walls with These Grids

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these weights make it so you don't have to hammer in your tent poles, they will hold your tent together even on concrete or indoor floors and not take up much room.

Lay Your Tables to the Outside Edges To Invite People Inside Your Area

Now dress up these three tables, and put out your best crafts. If you have a friend or anyone you know who is good at staging, then this would be a good time to get some help with setup (You are usually given some time for setup the night before the craft shows) if not, try and get creative. Have your biggest and best pieces showcased closer to the aisle.

The reason for this shape of craft booth, is because when people first enter a craft show, they are overwhelmed by all the crafts, colors and lights and noise. They usually do a quick "once around" before they go slower and take a bit more time. But, if you have a craft booth that has a place for them to get off the aisle, then they are more likely to stop, without feeling like they are holding up a crowd in the aisle.

This happens a lot, I will go to a craft show, that is a busy one, especially around the holidays, and they have not allowed much aisle width, and I will almost bump into the person in front of me, because they, and all their friends and family have stopped to look at one table parked at the aisle with the crafts on it, and they are holding up the traffic! This will happen when shows get busy.

Craft Show Display Ideas

So, if you create an area, where your potential customers can come in, off the path, and browse a bit, they are more likely to relax, and purchase your crafts.

This is a bit harder on you, as you will need to be standing at the edge of aisle, to allow your customers to enter your area, but you will make more sales this way.


Portable Display Fixtures for Hanging Arts and Crafts at a Show

This way they can browse without feeling like you are starring at them the whole time. Which is what I feel like when I am standing at a table, and you, the vendor are sitting behind the table. I actually feel intimidated by the vendor sitting there and watching my every move, or touch.

I know you have to watch for theft, especially with smaller items, but you can do it while standing and mixing with your customers, rather than starring them down from a chair.

Use as Much Vertical Space as You Can Instead of Table Space

It is worth investing in these portable grid stands and even for the corners.  You will be amazed at just how much arts and crafts you can display by using the vertical space so customers can see your works right away at eye level.

Triangle or Corner Grid for Hanging Arts and Crafts

Black Triangle Wire Grid and Grid Wall Tower with Base and Casters
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You rented this space, and you were allotted this space, so why not use every bit of it, to show off your crafts. After all you worked very hard on these especially for this craft booth show, so why not showcase them? Rather than overfilling that one table, with you sitting behind it, hoping to get someone to stop long enough to buy.

So, if you show crafts, and are heading to a craft show soon, then set up your area to be the perfect craft booth show. It will feel a bit like a store, that invites people in, just make sure and hide any of your supplies (storage containers, boxes, etc) under these tables, and put table cloths on that will hide everything underneath, even your coat etc.

I did a craft show with a friend, and we found this to be a great way to offer two different vendors crafts, but only renting one space to save on costs. But with a setup like this, you are able to still put out a fair number of your crafts and not feel overcrowded. We found our sales to be higher after we did it like this.

If your craft is something that could maybe fit on other display racks instead of tables, then this is a good way to go too. Depending on your crafts, the goal is to get people INSIDE your area, and out of the aisles. For us, using the three tables worked best.

Customers actually said it was nice to step off of the path. It may not be a large area, but it will be enough for customers to feel a little less pressure from holding up people in the aisle, and it will get them to stop and look around, without feeling pushed. Then they will buy, and that is what you want to see!