It's been years since I went all out decorating the Christmas tree. Fortunately, it just takes a little borrowed mojo from Lady Gaga and her songs, but more-importantly her awesome costumes to re-inspire holiday décor. Is it possible to blend the holiday cheer of Christmas with the iconic brash of the Lady? I think so.

To have your own Lady Gaga Christmas tree it's a simple matter of choosing your favorite Gaga get-ups and then incorporating that into your conifer. It doesn't even have to be expensive. Many of her staple jaw-droppers have elements to them that you probably already have lying around at your house or can be found at a nearby dollar store.

Here are some ornaments to use for full Lady Gaga Christmas effect:

  • Lobsters or other crustaceans (not real) used as ornaments, spray-painted silver
  • Ripped fishnets used as garland
  • Strands of pearls to drape around the tree
  • Dust baby powder on some of the branches
  • Sequins and sparkles wherever and however you can possibly use them
  • Instead of traditional Christmas lights, use white cord lighting to be similar to her stellar "Orbit" dress by Giorgio Armani
  • Stick white feathers at the top of the tree, fanning outwards
  • Cover portions of the tree with lace, like for instance maybe the bow of the tree could be wrapped entirely in red lace, just like she wore it to the MTV awards
  • Use Kermit the Frog as ornaments, or any other Muppet inspired by her Kermit dress. Better yet, get out those old beanie babies and give them some use.
  • Place a bubble machine at the base of the tree (or better yet, in it so the bubbles are blowing out of the tree)
  • Towards the top of the tree, place the loudest, largest hat you can get your hands on.

Once the tree is done you can Gaga-guise your stockings over the fireplace. Just take them out all together and instead place those Gaga like knee-high boots platform for Santa to place your goodies in. Lady Gaga's boots will definitely hold more than a regular stocking anyday.

With Lady Gaga as an inspiration it's not hard to come up with ideas for a Lady Gaga Christmas tree. You could even play the Lady Gaga's Christmas tunes, while you are decorating. Who knew that she had a Christmas album though? Not that anyone is truly surprised…