A liquid starch mixture is very simply made from just a few ingredients. Starch is used to help form crocheted products, such as dolies, booties and hats. A thinner mixture can be used to make ironing simpler and clothing crisp and neat. Hair bow makers are even using this to help their grosgrain ribbon hold its shape. Starching items can also increase its ability to resist stains and soiling. In the event a soiling does occur, it will come out easier on a starched item.  

Crocheted Goods
  1. To make a starch spray for ironing, get an clean empty spray bottle, a small bowl, measuring cup, tablespoon and a medium sauce pan.
  2. Gather your ingredients for making the starch. This will be simply water and corn starch.
  3. Measure out 1 tablespoon of starch and mix it in the small bowl with 1/4 cup of water.  Now, set it aside for later use.
  4. Put 3 cups of water into the medium sauce pan and bring it to a boil
  5. Turn down the heat, add the starch mixture in the small bowl, and allow the mixture to simmer for about a minute. Stir the mixture while it simmers.
  6. Remove from the heat and allow it to completely cool.
  7. Pour it into the spray bottle and it's ready to use.
  8. This mixture will spoil quickly. Add a preservative to make it last longer or try to use it all up within a few days. To make a stiffer mixture for dollies add more cornstarch but it's many times better to dip the product directly into the starch rather than spray it.
  9. To place the item directly into the solution, place it in a tray or pan. Allow the item to become saturated with the liquid starch mixture. Wring out the item and shape and form as best as possible laying the item where it can dry safely. Make sure you protect the surface you are laying the item on if need be.

Although you can buy it already made in a spray bottle in the landry section of most stores, any crafter knows that it's best to have the homemade type available for dipping and forming. Items crocheted from the thinner threads are very commonly dipped and then formed as it dries to hold shape. Washing and starching items can give heirloom clothing and other items new life. The reason that this recipe is boiled is so that it completely dissolves evenly and stays that way. You can not simply mix starch and water together and expect it to work correctly. Boiling is how to make a liquid startch mixture the proper way.