Low Fat Strawberry Smoothie

Smoothies are a great healthy addition to a person's diet especially when you make them at home with fresh fruit. Summertime is perfect for strawberry smoothies, but when winter rolls around you can still buy frozen strawberries at any grocery store. This is a low fat strawberry smoothie recipe that will add important vitamins and antioxidants, and still taste great. Using frozen fruit for your low fat strawberry smoothie is a money saving idea at any time. This low fat smoothie is a great healthy breakfast idea.

Things You Will Need

*Fat free Plain Yogurt
*Strawberries (frozen or fresh)
*Ice (optional)

Step 1

Cut up and freeze your fresh strawberries. Putting them in the freezer the night before is adequate freezing time. If you are using frozen strawberries then take them out. Put one cup of plain strawberries in the blender. Strawberries are a healthy low fat fruit. They are high in vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants.

Studies about strawberries have shown that they can help to reduce inflammation, arthritis, and can also help prevent age related macular degeneration.

Step 2

Add half to one cup of fat free plain yogurt to the strawberries. Mountain High Yoghurt is a great brand if you can find it where you live. Instead of being packed with regular sugar they use fructose, a fruit sugar. If you find that your smoothie tastes a little bit sour or bitter then next time you make it add a tablespoon of vanilla yogurt to sweeten it up. Always using banana in the low fat strawberry smoothie helps with the sweetness. Banana protein smoothies are also good.

The type of yogurt is the biggest factor in making this a low fat strawberry smoothie. Make sure to read labels if fat, calorie, and sugar content is really important. The total calories for this low fat strawberry smoothie is around 200-250.

Step 3

For added taste and nutrition add a banana. Freeze the banana. This will prevent you from having to use ice. The frozen fruit of the banana and strawberries will give your smoothie a good consistency and make it cold. Add one cup of ice if you like the texture of crushed and blended ice or if you are trying to make your strawberry smoothie a larger amount.

Step 4

Blend all of the ingredients. Pour your smoothie into a glass, grab a straw and enjoy your low fat strawberry smoothie.

Tips & Warnings

*Play with taste. The basic low fat strawberry smoothie is a great start, but you can add other fruit and even vegetables to it. Raspberries make a great high fiber fruit smoothie. Adding enough other fruits, etc. will enable your strawberry smoothie to serve as a healthy meal replacement. You can even add spinach and other greens without wrecking the taste.