A Fun Snow Day Craft for Kids

If you are a room parent, a Girl Scout leader, or a parent or grandparent who wants to keep their kids occupied on a cold winter day, here is an activity you might like to try.  Perhaps you are a teacher or homeschooler who is teaching a unit on Eskimos and you want to tie in a hands-on activity that will be useful and long-remembered.

Then creating a marshmallow igloo is the perfect craft for you!

When my son was in third grade, his poor teacher did not get a break on Fridays-no gym, library or art. It made for a long day at the end of the week. She asked parents if they would like to come in an volunteer to do a craft activity with the kids.

How to Make a marshmallow IglooCredit: Photo by Hannah Gold

Of course, I jumped at the chance to spend some time with my son and his friends without having to grade any papers!

Since it was winter, I decided to do a craft that fit into the weather we were experiencing. A marshmallow igloo fit the bill.


This is what you need to create your own masterpiece:

Mini marshmallows
Small foam bowls
Foam plates
Confectioners sugar
Newspaper of plastic tablecloth

*All photos taken by the author.

Foam Bowls

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Leave the teacher with any leftover bowls. She can use them in other ways.

Directions on How to Make a Marshmallow Igloo

Before I do any craft with my Girl Scout troop, I always make sure to do one at home in advance  to work out any kinks. The last thing you want to do is have an unforeseen problem with a group of kids who are looking to you to guide them.

How many marshmallows you need depends on the size of the bowl. I used a small bowl that required about 80 marshmallows to complete.

Here is how to make your marshmallow igloo.

In a bowl, combine one cup of confectioners sugar and water. Add the water in slowly until it becomes a thick paste.

Place the small foam bowl on a foam plate. Dip each marshmallow into the sugar “glue” and line them up around the bottom. *Watch for children gluing the marshmallows in different directions.  Once they start with top to bottom or side to side, they should stick with that pattern throughout.

How to Make a Marshmallow Igloo Step 1Credit: Photo by mommymommymommy


Continue all around the first row until the first circle is complete. Do not try to build up the wall all the way, as each row is needed to support the one that lays on top of it.

How to Make a Marshmallow Igloo Step 2Credit: Photo by mommymommymommy


When all the rows are done, it is time to do the roof. Lay the marshmallows across the top, making sure all of the top is covered.


How to Make a Marshmallow Igloo Step 3Credit: Photo by mommymommymommy

The biggest challenge to my son’s class came from making the entrance. The children need to build a wall two or three marshmallows high. If they want to remove one or two of the marshmallows from the first row to make it look like a hole, they should do so now before the sugar glue dries.


How to Make a Marshmallow Igloo The Final ProductCredit: Photo by mommymommymommy


Making a marshmallow igloo was something that my son’s classmates remember to this date. It was a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon in school.