Dolls made with a mop



Mop Dolls

Create an adorable doll using a regular mop. Some material, ribbons, flowers, beads some doll hair or whatever you choose to add, to make your doll a one of a kind.

Things You'll Need:

    24 inch mop
    iron, scissors
    1/4 yard muslin or broadcloth, head
    craft stick
    fiber fill stuffing
    sewing machine
    hot glue gun and glue sticks
    1/8 inch elastic
    9 inch straw hat
    doll hair
    3/8 yards printed material, for clothes
    iron on face, found at craft store

    Sew the headSew the head

      First off make a circle from the muslin or broadcloth. 6 inches, make a neck piece at the bottom, about 1/2 inch large than the craft stick. Cut out 2 of these. Stitch around, leaving open the neck edge. Clip edges at angle around circle,(this is to help the turning) Now, turn the circle inside out, press. Iron on the face features. This also can be done before the sewing(can be done by hand or with sewing machine) or the turning. I like to do it after. Gets the face more centered.

      Lightly stuff the head with the fiber fill. Do this a little filling at a time. Push it up into the head with the eraser end of a pencil. Should be rounded, but not stuffed too much. Now insert the craft stick into the neck opening., glue to hold in place.
    Divide the mop     Divide Mop

      Lay the mop on a flat work surface. Have the sewn on band in the middle, hold the band and pull out 6 of the stings, just a tug and they will come out. These will be used to tie off ends later. Now across the top, divide the upper portion to use for arms. Braid to the end of each side, or leave free. Tie with one of the saved strings. Right below the band of the mop use another string and tie around tightly to form a waist. Leave the rest of the mop to form a skirt or divide to make legs. If making legs, braid each side and tie off with the saved strings as in the arms.
     Braid the armsBraiding arms.
      With top sections braid arms.
   Tie endsTie ends
      Tie the braid to secure using reserved strings.
   Trims ends
                                                                                                                                           Trim the ends to about 2 inches.
     With end of the craft stick, glue the head to the band in the center of the mop. Cover this with material, lace or ribbon. Make a skirt, using elastic, glue at waist. Glue doll hair around head. Add a hat, bows, beads, flowers or whatever you choose.


Bunny Mop Doll

You can also make this cute Easter Bunny mop doll using the same pattern, just don't braid the arms and when dividing the mop just do it in 4 sections. Tie off ends and trim. Hand paint face and feet or get iron on decals.