So, you see a mouse in your home. Better call a pest control service or buy a mouse trap? Right? Wrong. You do not need to hire anyone or purchase any mouse trap to get rid of mice by yourself. Needless to say, if you have a serious mouse problem on your hands, it is best to hire a mouse exterminator. But, if you don't have that many mice, there's no need to call anybody.

Wire Method

Supplies needed: bucket, piece metal wire, empty soda can, cardboard ramp, peanut butter

Place the ramp (in the form of cardboard or a stack of books) so that it leads to the top edge of the bucket. Put a piece of wire through a soda can and place the wire, on top of the bucket, in the path of the ramp. Put some peanut butter on the soda can. Once the mouse tries to step on to the wire, it will fall right inside because there is no flat surface.

Toilet Paper Roll Method

Supplies needed: box, bucket, cardboard ramp, peanut butter, empty toilet paper roll

Place the box upside down so that the bottom faces you. Make a ramp leading up to the top of the box. Aside from using cardboard, you can stack books to make yourself a ramp. Flatten your toilet paper roll in such a way so that it can rest on a flat surface without rolling anywhere. Place the toilet paper at the opposite end, on top of the box, so that most of it sticks out into the air. This way, once the mouse gets inside, it will fall under its own weight. Right below this roll, place an empty bucket. Finally, make a peanut butter trail for the mouse to follow. If you don't have peanut butter, you can use chocolate, fruit, or pumpkin seeds. Don't put on too much bait or the mouse will leave home satisfied.

Soda Can Method

Supplies needed: soda can, stack of books, box, peanut butter

Form the books so that it makes a ramp. At the top of this ramp, place an empty soda can (with the top skinny part cut off) so that most of it sticks out into the air. Right below this can, place a box. Once the mouse gets inside the soda can it will fall, along with the can, inside the box. Place peanut butter inside the soda can and you're good to go.

Although these methods are surprisingly simple, they are also very effective.