Windows movie maker

Have you ever needed to throw a lump of pictures together and turn it into a movie? Or maybe you just want to make a fun presentation for a business, your friends, or your family. Movies made in Windows Movie Maker are easy to make, but look more impressive and run more smoothly than something designed in PowerPoint. For you Movie Maker needs, you have come to the right place!

First open up your Windows Movie Maker Program. If you don't already have it on your computer, it's available for free download from the Microsoft Website, just run a quick search in Google. Once you find the Microsoft Website, download the version of Windows Movie Maker that is right for your version of Windows.

The next step is to find the pictures you are going to use. Once you have a folder of pictures, you are ready to begin placing them into Movie Maker. Click on the import button at the top of the screen, and select the pictures you wish to put into Movie Maker. It might help to have the folder you plan to use in an accessible spot on the desktop. This will make designing your movie much easier.

Insert audio into your movie. It can be very difficult to maneuver audio in Microsoft PowerPoint, but with Movie Maker, this task is simple. Click import, and select audio. Your audio clip will appear in a section outside of your presentation, and you can click and drag it to where you wish to place the audio. Once you have placed the audio inside your Windows Movie Maker Movie, you can adjust its length, and add a couple of cool effects.

Add animations to your presentation. Either find the animations option or you can right click on pictures in your timeline and add animations. This will overlap the pictures a bit, and create a cool flowing effect for your presentation. Without animations your windows movie maker movie will seem jumpy and abrupt. Add transitions to make the movie feel smooth and more natural.

Finally, play around with the timeline. The timeline is your friend, it will let you add video, music, and pictures and play them all on top of each other if you like (although I don't recommend it). Use the timeline to add animations, change the duration of pictures and music, and for all of your other Movie Maker needs. If you have questions about pictures or audio in your movie, always check them against the Movie Maker Timeline.