With another new year upon us, it is a commonplace tradition for many around the world to begin reflecting on events of the past year and constructing resolutions in anticipation of a new year. Whether you actually achieved your resolutions made at the beginning of this year or not, a new year represents an opportunity to start over. What kind of New Year's resolutions will you be making this year?

Things You Will Need

a Pen
a Close Friend or Family Member (Optional)

Step 1

Assemble friends and family to help you make your New Year's resolution in accordance with your comfort level. When sitting down to make your New Year's resolution, you will certainly want to be in a right frame of mind so as to logically and realistically evaluate your life in the previous year and all the years prior. Are you one who continually makes New Year's resolutions, only to fall short at achieving them time and time again? It is important that you not allow past shortcomings to dictate an ambitious New Year's resolution, however, your past performance can give great indication into just what is truly realistic for you to achieve.

If you have family and/or friends that you feel comfortable around, be sure to encourage them to sit down with you while you make your New Year's resolution. In many cases, those who are close to you will have seen first hand your life, experiences, and tendencies, and can serve to give great opinions with regards to whether your New Year's resolution candidates are even realistically feasible.

Step 2

Whether you are accompanied by a close friend or family member, or you choose to write your New Year's resolutions alone, be sure to find a quiet comfortable place where your thoughts can flow freely. Grab a paper and pen and detail any reflections that you deem pertinent in helping you to construct your New Year's resolutions. As part of your reflection, be sure to identify just what your previous year's resolutions were, approximately how long your pursued the same goal, and what events or situations helped you to either achieve (or not achieve) that particular resolution. By identifying these critical components of your previous year's resolutions, you can set a realistic bar for yourself while fully knowing and understanding your own shortcomings and tendencies.

Step 3

Whether in the left margin, the right margin, or the bottom of your paper, you will want to write down the information from the previous step. Doing this will give you a realistic gauge as to just what will be possible this year when you construct your New Year's resolution. On the same token, hindering events, such as a traumatic familial loss or an injury, may not necessarily be in place this year, which may make it very much easier for you to stay focused and committed to achieving your New Year's resolutions.

Step 4

If you are accompanied by a close friend or family member, have them review your list of past New Year's resolutions, hindering situations or circumstances, and the ultimate outcome of each. You can immediately seek their feedback with relation to what is truly a realistic New Year's resolution. If you had resolved to loose a 100 lbs. the year prior, and were unable to obtain this resolution, it may not hurt to consider simply lower your goal standards for resolution achievement. In this situation, reverting your resolution to a 50 lbs. weight loss may be much more realistic, and would provide you with a strong enough goal to keep you motivated and drive, but not so large that it appears daunting and impossible to achieve.

Step 5

While you may include unrealistic goals into your list of New Year's resolutions, be sure that they are sparse and favor the bottom of your list. Going on a date with your favorite country musician may be well outside of your grasp, unfortunately. Constructing resolutions that aren't realistic, measurable, and achievable only serves to ultimately hurt you in the long run. Having a close friend or family member by your side can help aid in great opinions regarding what is actually realistic and what isn't realistic, as these options pertain to your life and past performances and accomplishments.

Constructing viable New Year's resolutions can be a great way for you to begin your life anew and refreshed in a New Year. Be sure, however, to take this time seriously as there are many people in this world who construct resolutions only to fall short, or not take them seriously in the first place. With information regarding your past New Year's resolutions, and your success or shortcomings in achieving them, on hand, you can easily reference these things when constructing your new New Year's resolutions. Ultimately, the intent of this InfoBarrel article was to help you take the necessary steps to help you minimize your chance of failure, and significantly increase your chances of being successful at sticking to, and achieving, your New Year's resolutions.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure that if you involve a close friend or family member into your New Year's resolution development process that you ensure that they are positive contributors. In some cases, it may be perfectly fine to formulate your own New Year's resolutions, especially if you feel that your friends or family members could inadvertently break you down instead of build you up. You will want to surround yourself with those who know, love, and ultimately care about you and your well being.

For every set of New Year's resolutions that you write, including this year's resolutions, you will want to store your hand-written list in a safe place until the following year. If you have a locked safe chest or another private area, that would be preferable for storage. When you approach the tail end of an old year, as we are currently doing, you can use this list while you sit down to construct your new New Year's resolutions.

It is very important that you be be sure to break down your New Year's resolutions into the most specific terms possible. Be sure to use numbers and specifics. Instead of saying "I want to be more loving", say that you'll be sure to visit 10 of your friends the coming year while they are sick.