Have you ever wondered how to incorporate chia seeds into a smoothie? Chia seeds' health benefits include increased energy, weight loss, and better digestion, so they're a great item to get into the habit of eating. A super easy way to incorporate them into your diet is to add them to your breakfast smoothie.

Things You Will Need

  • Chia seeds (black or white, makes no difference)
  • Smoothie ingredients - fruit, milk, yoghurt, juice - whatever you like in your smoothies!

Step 1

Gather Your Ingredients: I like to have everything on the table before I start throwing things into the blender. That way you don't forget anything. Get out all your smoothie ingredients, including the chia, and set them out neatly.

Step 2

Make Your Smoothie: You know what you like, so just make your smoothie the way you normally would. Lately I've been using a couple of cups of rice milk, along with a handful of berries, chopped bananas, and almonds. Yum! If you are struggling for ideas, there are plenty of free smoothie recipes available online.

Step 3

Add Chia Seeds to Your Smoothie: This is the big question for people who have never made a chia seed smoothie before: How much chia to add? For one person, the recommended amount is two tablespoons. If you are blending up a smoothie for more than one person, just multiply that amount by the number of people. Add the chia seeds, then blend your smoothie until smooth.

Step 4

Drink and Enjoy: Pour into a tall glass and enjoy your delicious chia seeds smoothie. It's as simple as that! Once you get into the habit of adding chia seeds to your breakfast smoothies, you will start to notice the health benefits. You won't really be able to taste the chia in the smoothie, though, because chia has such a subtle flavor. So this is really about improving the nutritional value of your smoothies, rather than packing in additional taste.

Tips & Warnings

  • Since the flavor is not noticeable, you can serve chia smoothies to anyone, even the most picky eaters.
  • You can add chia seeds straight out of the packet, but you can also use a spoonful of prepared chia gel that you've made yourself and stored in the fridge.
  • You can add the chia seeds in any order. In the steps above I listed adding chia as a separate step, but this was just to explain to you how much to add. Of course when you are familiar with making chia smoothies, it will not matter whether you put the chia in at the beginning, end or middle of the process. Just chuck it all in and make that tasty breakfast smoothie you are craving!