One Skein Sweater Vest

Yes, that's all it takes to make this vest. One 4 ounce skein of worsted weight yarn. It's very simple knitting, just 2 pieces. A back and a front.

Things You Will Need

1- skein worsted weight yarn, any color
1- pair size 17 knitting needles
1 pair size 19 knitting needles
yarn needle
Gauge: for these needles: 2 stitches or 4 rows to inch. To do the vest with one skein
you must have the right gauge. Also, keep to the row count.

Step 1

Sweater VestWith the size 17 knitting needles cast on 44 stitches. Work in knit one purl one for 7 rows.
This is the ribbing.

Step 2

Sweate VestChange to size 19 knitting needles.
Next row slip the first stitch, then knit to the end of the row. Turn and repeat until you have done this row 40 times. You will have 20 ridges. Bind off loosely.
Repeat to make the second piece the same.
Finally, lay the two pieces together and sew up the side seams with the yarn needle. Leave 7 inches for the arm holes. on each side.
Then sew across the top from the outside edge to make shoulder seam, leaving 10 inches in the center for the neck.

Tips & Warnings