If you're a big fan of miniature skateboards like the Tech Decks, then why not learn how to make a paper fingerboard for yourself and customize it the way you want? This is a great project for kids of any age and it's really not as hard as one might think. After you start getting good at designing them, you might even consider showing your friends how to make a paper fingerboard or even doing it for them for a couple of bucks. You could have a whole collection of personalized finger skateboards that are completely unique and nobody else has.

Things You Will Need

Thin cardboard such as index cards, scissors, glue, a needle, paint, Tech Deck trucks and bolts, mini skate tool.

Step 1

Before doing anything, you need to trace the outline of one onto a piece of cardboard. The best kind of cardboard to use for this project is going to be from things like index cards or cereal/food boxes. This is the good stuff because it's not too thin, but still not too thick. For this step on how to make a paper fingerboard, you'll want to trace the outline, cut it out, and then retrace it again six more times and cut each of those out as well. Don't forget to mark where the bolts go for the trucks on each layer and poke them all out with a needle. These cut-outs will be the layers for the tiny skateboard. I think this is pretty cool since real skateboards have 7 layers of ply and you'll be making one with 7 layers of thin cardboard.

Step 2

Now that you have all of the layers cut out, glue them together, one right on top of the next. Apply a little bit of glue to each layer and smear it around with your finger so that it covers the whole deck. When your gluing them together there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, make sure that they are all even and flush with each other; also watch out for glue seeping through the bolt-holes and possible clogging them up. You can use regular craft glue for this step on how to make a paper fingerboard, or if you want to make the process faster try using super glue, that way you don't have to wait so long for it to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3

For this part, it's best to do when the glue is about halfway dry, but it can still be accomplished if it's completely dry. Bend each end of the miniature skateboard up and shape them into a tail and nose. Use a real skateboard or Tech Deck for reference and try to get both sides to look like a normal nose and tail. If you're lucky you might even be able to get some concave to them. Depending on how big it is, you could use the tip of your pinky and place it sideways on the outermost bolts holes and use your other hand to bend the cardboard up around it. Your pinky or a tool similar in size will allow you to make a paper fingerboard with some pop to it.

Step 4

Next is the grip tape. A skateboard is almost worthless without some grip tape, and the same goes for the tiny ones as well. Use some old scrap pieces of grip tape you have leftover from your skateboard or instead just use some sandpaper and glue it on. After sticking whatever you choose to use on the top of the deck, cut all of the excess off with scissors and poke out the bolt-holes with a needle.

Step 5

Now comes the most enjoyable part about learning how to make a paper fingerboard. You get to customize it with paint or markers and make it look how you want. This is when you need to start getting creative and really make your new creation standout. You could make your own designs or artwork, or you could write your name out and modify the lettering to make it look cool. The choice is yours, but make it look awesome!

Step 6

The final step on how to make a paper fingerboard is to attach the tiny trucks. One option is to buy them separately at a store that sells Tech Decks. Another method is to just take a pair off of one of your own finger skateboards and reattach them onto your cardboard model. You'll need to use a tiny skate tool because the screws are too small for a regular-sized screwdriver. After assembling the hardware you can finally start skating on your very own personalized miniature skateboard. Enjoy!

Tips & Warnings

If you don't have a skate tool, you could also use the screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit usually.

Since you learned how to make a paper fingerboard out of cardboard, keep in mind that it may not be quite as sturdy as a plastic or wooden one. Go easy on it and never slam down on it after a tricks or else you risk bending it. These are still surprisingly durable and thick, but you still want to be careful.

Now that you know how to make a paper fingerboard, why not try showing your friends? This is a pretty neat project that not a lot of people know about and it may surprise quite a few buddies. These are great for collecting and if you get good at building them, maybe you could start taking requests for a small fee. It's a pretty easy way to make an extra couple of bucks and if you like doing it, it makes everything much easier.

Instead of using a real Tech Deck for reference on creating the outline in Step 1, try free handing the design yourself and giving it a unique shape. As long as you put the holes for the trucks in the correct place, you can figure out how to make a paper fingerboard look really weird by using an odd-shaped outline for the layers.