Whether your home is new or you are renting, it can take years to create a natural privacy area by using shrubbery and hedges.  But there are ways you can make a patio private with some creativity and a few things online or even the thrift stores.

Take Stock of Your Patio

Ask yourself some questions.  What bothers me about sitting out here?  Is it because the neighbor can see me? Or does it just feel like a boring open empty space?  Or the fact you would have to spend a lot of money on plants and shrubs or expensive fencing?

Once you have figured out what bothers you the most, now you can get to work.  Give the patio a good clean and figure out where the best place to add some privacy would be.  If you have a large yard and simply just want to close in the patio area, then consider some sort of barrier at least on one side. 

Below are a few barriers that might spark your creativity.  The thing I like about these barriers is that they become instant walls to set planters of flowers against as a backdrop and will really make your space turn into that oasis you wanted.

We all may love our neighbors, but it is nice to be able to sit outside without them staring at you or sparking up a conversation you maybe didn’t want to have, (this happened to me a lot).  If you are looking for some peaceful private time, then check these out.

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Yardistry Garden Screen with Planter Boxes
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Portable Privacy Screen with Planter Boxes

If you want to create a wall or barrier at the one side of your patio or deck, these work instantly.  You can fold them to work for you and then you can plant the boxes.  They add instant outdoor art to your space and are sturdy.  Plus quite pleasant to look at and create that instant wall or divider.  This way you can sit outside and feel private and also cozy as this will enclose your space.  These are a little bit more of an investment, but you can take them with you when you move as well, which makes them perfect for renters.

how to make a patio privateCredit: amazon.com

Privacy Fence Mesh

If you want to create some privacy in your entire yard, or maybe just by the patio or deck then you can spruce up that wire or chain link fence with these privacy mesh panels.  They still let the breezes through but create that instant barrier that could take years to accomplish using shrubs or hedges.  This is an alternative to the construction and aggravation of installing a wooden paneled fence or if you are renting and don’t want to cause any damage. 

You can plant hedges in front of the fence but while you wait for them to get taller these mesh panels simply wire to the fence quickly.  I am sure your neighbor won’t mind a bit of privacy too.

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Deck & Fence Privacy Netting Screen
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Deck Rail Screen

If you are trying to create privacy on your deck, then this screen with the bold stripes will really add to your space and create that privacy you are looking for.  Easy to install, it still lets the breezes through but really adds some color and interest to your space instantly.  You can go from feeling like you are on public display to cozy and private fast.

how to make a patio privateCredit: amazon.com

Faux Ivy Leaf Fence Screen

If you prefer the look of a natural barrier, then check this one out.  It is faux ivy on a mesh screen that you can attach anywhere.  It works well on a wire or chain link fence and would definitely dress it up.  It would look great as a backdrop to your flower beds and garden.   It creates that instant feeling of green and looks pretty realistic.

how to make a patio privateCredit: amazon.com

Fence Entire Patio Instantly

This fence comes as a kit and you could use this anywhere in your yard, for the garden or for pets, but you could also instantly enclose a wide open patio area.  Without huge construction, you could be sitting outside with your coffee quickly.  You could then add flower pots to the corners and more.  This is a cheaper alternative to privacy fencing the entire yard.  This will totally enclose your patio space on all sides.   

how to make a patio privateCredit: amazon.com
Gardman R524 Nature Metal Pot Obelisk, 10.23" Wide x 47.24" High
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Thrift Store, Online, Old Pots, Trellis, Chairs, Fun Stuff

If you simply don’t have the budget, there are other ways to create privacy on your patio or deck.  You can head to the thrift store and find tall old planters or chairs or hang a nylon curtain that can blow in the breeze (nylon will not retain the rain water and dries quickly) Find old trellises that you can stick into a pot of soil to add some height.   Or check online for some affordable options for a wire trellis that will fit in pots.

I did this on a wide open deck at my last house.  I found different trellises from thrift stores and place them into plant pots and strategically placed them in areas where I wanted to create privacy by putting them close together and adding some annuals that grow quickly until my newly planted shrubbery could get taller.  I used this idea for 5 years and then integrated them into the garden.   I put rocks in the bottom of the planters before adding the dirt to save some money and also keep them weighted down from wind.

You don’t have to have a wall to use a trellis, you can free stand them in a pot of dirt.  Just make sure they are secure and you can create an instant live fence on the cheap.  Sometimes all it takes is one section or one live wall to create that feeling of privacy.  I remember moving into a new subdivision and when I stepped outside in the back, I could see all the way down the street through the basic chain link fences.  So having some privacy that doesn’t break the bank is important until you can get those foundation plants in the ground.

Create Your Very Own Artistic Private Space

Garage Sales and thrift stores are a great place to find old and whimsical things that can become new again.  Check your own garage and basement too.  Any wooden chairs that have seen better days?  Add them to the side of your patio and place large plants on them, or old pots, or make your own trellis, but you can also get them quite cheap online.  Arrange everything in such a way it becomes art.

Hang Some Windchimes

Make your own or find some online, and this will add to the space.  Find some old knomes or little statues and simply fill in one area to create that feeling of privacy and it will make you a happier person!