It all starts with the bread, this is the foundation of your sandwich. Without a good foundation you have nothing so I recommend you chose something you particularly enjoy. Some people are fussy and will want plain white bread. For the people who want to try something new or just enjoy great tasting flavorful breads and buns. Try whole wheat bread; it has a lot more flavor then just a regular loaf of white bread. But the absolute best bread is home-made bread or try out a loaf of bread from your local bakery.

Once you have your bread you need to know what types of meat you will be adding to your sandwich. To make the perfect sandwich you need a lot of meat. Not one of those skinny two slice things you used to get in your lunch box. I recommend at least half a dozen slices. A lot of time is mix 2 different meats I will make recommendations below. Feel free to mix and match whatever you want.

Turkey, Roast Beef, Honey Ham, Beef Pastrami, Salami , Bologna, Mortadella, Smoked Meat, Pepperoni, Black Forest Ham, Chicken, and many more.

These are just a few of the dozens of lunch meats at your disposal. Personally I love the combination of pepperoni, salami, and black forest ham. Next step would be considering what vegetables you will be adding to your sandwich. I believe the vegetable section starts with lettuce but it depends what combinations or other veggies you use, it may not be necessary for lettuce. The must have veggie for me are pickles. I put them on everything, we get along very well. I recommend adding about 2 or 3 vegetables max as you need to fit this monster of a sandwich in your mouth. Other vegetable to use include:

Shredded lettuce,Tomatoes,Bell pepper,Dill pickle,Banana pepper rings,Cucumbers,Mushrooms,Onions,etc.

The best place to add your condiment(s) is on top of the meat or after the veggies as it will be in the middle of your sandwich and will not make the bread soggy. Add your favorite condiment(s) or whatever suits best with your specific creation.

Some of my favorite includes:

Mustard (several types)
Mayonnaise (several types)
BBQ Sauce
Hot Sauce and many more

I think this is the best time to deal with cheese. It is best to put cheese before the veggies if it's going to be cold, but if you are toasting your sandwich try putting it on top of the veggies as it will help hold everything together. Feel free to add your favorite kind of cheese; most cheeses are delicious on any sandwiches.

Now this is the part where you decide to toast it or not. If you toast it in the oven, leave the sandwich open and butter one side of the top slice of bread. Once task is completed you can add the top slice of bread to the greatest sandwich you've ever made. If its very large I recommend toothpicks as I've experienced some disasters with some of my unstable creations….It just doesn't taste the same after you mash it back together. If it as large as my sandwiches you should cut it in half across the bread and have two triangles. Please have your toothpick in before you do this, don't say I didn't warn you. Enjoy!!!

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