A perform or quit notice is not an official court document in most states. It is only a preliminary eviction notice meant to inform the occupants of the rental party that if they do not pay their rent or vacate the premises - perform or quit - then you will proceed with an eviction case with the courts.

Things You Will Need



Step 1

Use the first line to say who the perform or quit notice is going to. Example:

To: (name of occupants) and all other residents.

Step 2

List the address of the apartment or house on the next lines. Include city and state.

Step 3

Write in the next section why you are delivering the preliminary eviction notice. Example:

You are in violation of section 7 subsection B of your rental agreement.

Step 4

Explain, in detail, the reason they violated the rental agreement. Example:

Reason for Notice: Section 7, subsection B was violated when a woman was allowed to live on the property from the dates of October 14 - December 24 without being on the lease and without permission from the landlord.

Step 5

If someone witnessed the violation, have them sign beneath the description. Date the signature as well.

Step 6

State how long the occupant has to perform or quit as well as what they need to do to perform. Example:

Within thirty (30) days of the delivery of this perform or quit notice, you will move the additional, un-recognized occupant from the residence or otherwise comply with the rental agreement or release possession of the premises back to the landlord.

Step 7

Include that they forfeit their lease agreement if they refuse to comply with the preliminary eviction notice. Example:

You are notified that upon failure to comply with the above stated terms, you will forfeit the rental agreement for the above listed residence.

Step 8

State you, as landlord, will seek legal action if the rental agreement is forfeited. Example:

Landlord will seek legal action for unlawful residency against you to recover possession of above stated properties, to declare lease agreement legally forfeit and to recover owed rents and any additional damages.

Step 9

Sign and date the bottom of the perform or quit notice.

Tips & Warnings

7 days is average time given for compliance if non-payment of rent or damage to the property are done.

30 days needs to be given for any other violations of the rental agreement, such as not vacating at the end of the lease.

Print two copies of the perform or quit notice.

Deliver pre eviction notice by registered mail.