Making a photoshow for business or personal photos allows the viewer to see each photo without having to do anything. Learn how to create a photoshow with PowerPoint so that you can let everyone see the photos without having to send each individual photo to everyone. If you have a trade product or you took a vacation that you want to show everyone, you can make a photoshow in less than an hour and send the entire show to business associates or family and friends.

Things You Will Need

PowerPoint 2003


Step 1

Upload photos to your computer. You want to create a folder where you can store all of the photos so that you can go down the line and enter each photo into the PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2

Open PowerPoint from your "Start button." The first thing you will see is a blank slide. You can start the photoshow on this slide or make this slide a text slide announcing the photoshow. Instead of a white background for your photos, click "Format" and "Slide Design." Choose a color you like for the background. This will appear on every slide or you can repeat this process for each slide and have a different background on each.

Step 3

Start laying out your photos. You can have one, two, three or four photos on each slide. Click "Insert" in the toolbar and click "Add a Slide." This displays a new slide. To arrange how many photos on this slide, click "Format: and click "Slide Layout." To the right a window will open where you can choose the layout that you want for the slide. Repeat this step for each slide you add.

Step 4

Click on the picture box to open a window where you can choose the folder where you have the photos you will use. Select the photo for that box. If you are adding more photo boxes on a slide, click on each box and add a photo.

Step 5

Save your photoshow with a name that you want. Click on "Format", click "Slide Transition" and set the photoshow to be automatic or manual. At the bottom of the window, you will see "Automatic" or "Advance Slide with Mouse." Choose "Automatic" so that the photoshow advances between slides without clicking a mouse.

You can add sound the photoshow if you want. See PowerPoint Photoshow

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