A Faux fur denim raggedy quilt, is warm, cozy and durable and a great way to recycle your denim jeans.

raggedy denim quiltfaux fur on back of denim quiltcolored denim quiltback of colored denim quilt

If you have a lot of old denim jeans laying around, or you can get more, then this is a great quilt to make.

You can determine the size of your quilt, but an average "throw" for the couch would measure 5 x 5 feet. You can adjust this to what ever size you prefer, such as a rectangle shape or square like mine.

Things You Will Need

What you will need:

1. Enough denim (can be all different shades, or you can make this from colored denim as well, as in the picture.) to make a 5 x 5 foot denim quilt, you will need 100 squares of denim measuring 7 x 7 inches. They can be cut out from all over the denim, including seams for a more rugged effect.

I find it easier to open the jeans up by cutting up the seams. Save a few pockets to put on the squares for fun or a secret pocket for kids.

2. Very sharp scissors to cut denim

3. A cardboard template you make to measure exactly 7 x 7 inches. (This will be your pattern)

4. Sewing machine with good denim needle. (They are a bit tougher than a regular needle)

5. A 5 x 5 foot piece of faux fur, any color you choose. You can get this at the fabric store, I always look in the "end of the roll" section and always find some faux fur.

6. Washing machine and dryer to create the raggedy effect.

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Method:   Start tracing your 7 x 7 inch template onto the clean denim jeans, with a fabric marker.

Cut out your squares. For the denim quilt you will need 100 squares (when sewn together, 2 squares side by side equals one foot.)

Sew your squares together, allowing a 1/2 inch seam allowance (the squares end up being 6 x 6 inches when sewn) . I find it easier to do this in strips of 10. You will have 10 strips of 10 squares sewn together. If you like the raggedy effect, make sure you sew your squares with the wrong sides together so that the seams are on the "good" side of the denim quilt. Once you have created 10 strips of 10 squares.

Sew these strips together. Also sew a line around the outside perimeter of your quilt (this makes the fringe on the outside edges) Now this is where you can use some help.

Fringe. With your sharp scissors, clip the seams at a right angle, as if to create fringe. Clip each seam approx 1/4" apart. Clip around the outside edges as well to the seam. Once you have clipped all your seams to look like fringe, throw your quilt into the washer and then the dryer. This will turn that fringe into soft fuzzy edges.

Faux Fur Now take your piece of faux fur and sew your denim to the faux fur, around the outside edges. (wrong side to wrong side) You may need to pin this while sewing. You can also tack this together with a stitch here and there throughout the piece, to avoid a pillow case effect. Now you have your raggedy faux fur denim quilt. This gets softer and softer with each wash. But just a hint here. It works best with well worn denim, this makes it already soft to begin with. 

With the faux fur, there is no need for quilt batting, and this can be thrown in the washer and dryer anytime. Try this with different colored denim as well. Enjoy!

Tips & Warnings

Make sure to empty your lint trap in your dryer after washing and drying this quilt. After the first wash that turns that fringe into soft fluffy seams, there will be a lot of soft lint.