If you are looking for an affordable dogs bed, large, medium or small or any size you want, then why not custom make your own? You will help with recycling at the same time!

It is quite simple, and is also a great way to recycle your old denim jeans. This works best if the denim is soft and well used. You can use new denim, but I find it is not as soft and cozy. You can also mix up different pairs of jeans, to get different shades of blue.

Raggedy dogs bed

Things You Will Need

- old jeans, one or two pair depending on the size you want to make

- sharp scissors that will cut denim and thick fabrics

- sewing machine with denim needle (designed for thicker fabrics).

- fake fur fabric or faux fur (comes in all kinds of colors from the fabric store) you can get deals on ends for faux fur, just ask!

- washing machine and dryer to soften the denim fringe on your denim squares.



1. Make a cardboard template that measures 7 x 7 inches.

2. Open your washed and clean jeans by cutting one seam up the sides, so you can lay your jeans flat. You can cut off the pockets, waistband and zipper and save for other denim projects, there are many out there. Basically end up with flat denim surface. You could even sew a back pocket from the jeans onto one of the squares to put toys or hide treats for your dog! Ideas are endless.

3. Trace you template onto your jeans, using a fabric marker or pen on the wrong side.

4. This is where you decide if you want your dogs bed large, medium, small or any size. For my dog (85 pound large dog) I made the dogs bed rectangle rather than square. I made it 4 squares wide by 8 squares long. So I needed enough denim to cut out 32 squares. (Note: The one I have pictured was for my smaller dog.) But you get the idea, you can size this however you want. You can also mix up different denim shades of blue from different pairs of jeans, like I did.

I have allowed a 1/2 inch seam allowance for sewing the squares, therefore your squares, when sewn together will be 6 inches each. So, if you were to make your dogs bed 4 squares by 6 squares it will be 24 inches by 36 inches. This should give you a good idea of size for your dogs bed.

5. Cut out your denim squares.

6. When sewing your squares together, sew them with the wrong sides together, this will make the raggedy style (as shown in the picture). I found it easier to sew them in strips, then sew the strips together. If you DON'T want the raggedy style, then sew them with right sides together and iron the seams flat.dogs bed with faux fur backing

We will go with the raggedy version for this article

7. Once you have created your rectangle, square of whatever size you chose to make from the denim squares, you are ready for the clipping. You will have all your rough edges showing on the right side of your project (sewing wrong sides of squares together). Now take your sharp scissors, and start clipping the seams about 1/4 inch apart at right angle to the seams. This will create a fringe effect. Remember to clip where the squares join also, being careful not to cut through the seams.

8. Now take the finished denim rectangle, square or whatever, and throw it in the washer, then the dryer. This will create fuzz on the right side of your dogs bed for a raggedy effect.

9. Now place your rectangle, square or whatever size you made, on top of a piece of fake fur. In the picture I got a good deal on the faux white fur. The white fuzzy fringe you see on the denim, is actually the denim frayed. This is what it looks like after you have clipped the seams and then washed it. Be careful not to clip too far apart or you will just end up with "curly q s" rather than the soft fuzz. But if that is what you like, then that works too! I found 1/4 inch apart was good for making the fringe, which is the raggedy effect.

10. Now cut the faux fur to size to match your denim top, and sew with the wrong sides together again with the sewing machine around the outside edges..

You can wash this once more, or leave it the way it is. If you chose to make a dog bed large, or extra large, you don't want to have a pillow case effect, since you have only sewn around the outside edges. You can tack the back to the front with some strong thread where the denim squares meet for extra durability by hand or with your machine.

There you have it, a nice raggedy, denim bed for your best friend.

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This dogs bed can be washed over and over, and comes up great each time. That is why I made this. My dog, was making a mess of those formed beds you can purchase, and they are not that washable! I needed something I could throw in the washer and the dryer with no problems, also great for traveling.

Raggedy dogs bed

You can also throw this in the dryer, to create a heated dog bed, after a long cold walk in the winter. They love this! The denim is very durable, and has stood up to my dogs. I have had these over a year, with no problems at all. They get softer after each wash.

You can also add a layer of quilting batting to thicken this matt further, but you would have to tack it in the corners of the squares so it didn't move around. Personally though, I found the thick faux fur works great for my dogs. It gives them some padding, and warmth from the floor. .

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make sure to use the heavy duty sewing machine needles designed to go through denim or you will be breaking needles.

Tips & Warnings

make sure and check your washer and dryer lint trap, you will get a lot of lint from the denim fringe, you will need to clean that out.