It used to be a rather disconcerting task to create a website for your restaurant. Learning code is out of the question for most lack of time restaurateurs. Most settle for expensive web designers that create Flash filled sites that are slow and difficult to navigate. We'll start by going over some good practices in restaurant web design and conclude with some tools to help you along the way.

There are two major flaws in restaurant websites today, too complex and horrific design. If your restaurant website has fancy transitions, audio that is automatically triggered upon arrival or an immediate loading screen you're going to scare away far too many potential customers. At the same time, if you're restaurant website looks as though it was created circa '96 with random bundles of text and rotating GIF images everywhere you aren't going to impress anyone.

The secret to making a quality restaurant website is putting yourself in the mindset of your customers. Most visitors will want to see your menu and see common information about your restaurant, such as hours your open and where you're located. Because of this, it should be immediately apparant where to find this information. Simplicity is crucial to bringing in business.

Now that we have some general guidelines to work with let's discuss some instruments to help make this process more comprehensible.


Weebly provides an online platform to create free web pages using drag and drop features making it effortless to make alterations to your restaurant website. There are plenty of options to help you create an attractive digital representation of your restaurant, but don't get too carried away. Remember, you want it to be a breeze for viewers to find what they're looking for. The more features you add, the easier it is to block them from what they're looking for, sending them elsewhere.

Restaurant Web Design HQ

This site shows you (using video tutorials) how to create a free, restaurant specific website for your business. It can help guide you through learning how to implement features from Weebly, Twitter, and Google into your website.

A few things you'll want to have before getting started are a PDF or image file of each page of your menu and some images of your restaurant (professional images if possible).

You should now be ready to get your new restaurant website underway. Once you've completed your restaurant website make sure and spread the word. Have it printed on receipts, any ads you're running and promotional coupons. Get the word out and the bring the customers in.