Roses are simply beautiful and knowing how to make a rose gift for someone special is a perfectly natural and beautiful way to give a flower.

If you have fresh roses in your garden and you would like to dry them and make potpourri out of them for a gift, then here is a simple way to do that.

To Dry Petals Quickly – You will need a container of silica gel which you can get at most craft stores, and flower shops, but you can also get online at sites such as Amazon, this makes drying petals easy. 

Silica gel is basically those little packages you get in new purchases, such as suit cases, dried foods or vitamins and shoes and anywhere that moisture could build up.  Silica will absorb moisture quickly, so you can either save up these packages or purchase a bag of silica get geared for drying flowers and petals.

Take your petals either from your garden or from that bouquet you received and don’t want to see them totally die!  By drying the petals your gift will live on!

Pour a base of silica gel in a wide container and then lay your rose petals on top.  Note:  if this potpourri will show, you are best to use red petals as the whites and yellows tend to brown, but if it is not showing then they will all smell devine!

Then pour some more silica around the edges and then gently shake the container so that the petals gently sink in the gel.  Leave it somewhere with the lid on for a couple of days if you can.

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Gift of Potpourri - Then carefully take out your petals with a slotted spoon and then place them in a small bowl with a fixative or base which wold be a small amount of dried lavender or cloves or even dried citrus peels (this just helps everything to mix together and smells great!).

Now add a couple drops of rose scented essential oil Rose Essential Oil (100% Pure Rosa Damascena) 5ml this is optional but it adds to the scent of your dried petals.

So, if you want to know how to make a beautiful gift from roses, then consider potpourri as a gift for either a friend or yourself.  What better way to preserve the roses from your garden or the roses you received as a gift.

Take your potpourri and place it in a sealed jar.  Now shake it every couple of days, for about 10 days and this will allow the aromas to blend and then place some in an open dish near the front door or in your bathroom so that when you enter a room it will smell divine or create sachets to tuck into drawers.

Or simply add it to a decorated jar and give as a gift!  So just how to make a devine gift from roses?  Go for potpourri, this is a great option that can be made ahead of time, and will smell like fresh roses even in the dead of winter when they are very expensive!

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If you don’t want to be bothered drying your own roses, but love the smell, then you can purchase dried ones online Rose Buds and Petals Red - 1 lb at sites such as Amazon and have them ready for that next batch of heavenly potpourri. 

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