Would you like to know how to make a scrapbook page?  Once you collect your photos that are centered around a theme, and weeded out the “repeats,” it can be overwhelming to know where to start.  There are many scrapbook products available, for all different price ranges.  This article will help you get started so you can see if scrapbooking appeals to you BEFORE you start buying.

Step 1:  Purchase a scrapbook.  Decide on the theme.  If this scrapbook is going to be all about last summer's trip abroad, you’re going to shop with a scrapbook with a travel theme in mind.  If you’re focusing on a single page about the beach, a generic scrapbook that will hold a compilation of photo pages will work well.

Step 2:  Play with the layout.  A rookie mistake is to cram as many photos as possible onto the page.  Instead, consider the “negative space” as being part of the balance.  If you’re using a standard 10x10 scrapbook, try 3 3x5 photos and 3 2x3 photos on one page. 

Step 3:  Select a paper for your background.  There are some really fun and zany papers you can choose for your background.  However, personally, I prefer to let my photos stand out and use a muted background.  My favorite is Diecuts with a View Old World 12 Inch by 12 Inch Paper Stack.  I like to keep the color in keeping with a theme, such as blue or sand colored for a beach.  For indoor photos, the colors should complement the décor. 

How to Make a Scrapbook PageCredit: Amberdawn 2011Step 4:  Select a secondary paper for boarders or embellishments.  For my first scrapbook, I used a paper cutter to create straight borders for photos, and colorful hole punches for my embellishments.  For my second, I purchased a small trim cutter so I could have fancier edges on my borders, and a tool that creates fancy corners so I could make small date tags for embellishments.  Antoher easy way to go is with scissors designed to make fancy (as opposed to straight) cuts, like Fiskars 12-93007097 Paper Edgers Set Classic.  There are stickers and decals you can buy, but my advice is to start small for your first one.  Less is usually more.  Don’t feel that you have to put a border around EVERY photo.  Choose a couple on each page that you want to stand out.

Step 5:  Play with the layout again.  Before you glue anything, make sure you like the spacing, be sure you have boarders not only around the best photos, but also for the best page placement.  Make sure you have room to write, if you plan on doing so.  I like to use a sticky note to write my idea on first, in case I make a mistake, and also I use it as a place saver for where my text will go.  Once you’re happy with the layout use photo safe glue, allow it to dry, and slide it into your scrapbook page.  And viola!  You’re ready to start your second page.  Good luck!