custom seashell lampDIY projects for the home are not only all the rage, but add personalization and character to your space. And as any interior decorator will tell you, lighting is crucial to the over-all scheme of your home. Making custom lamps are a perfect way to add that special touch to your living areas, especially when you've got a sentimental attachment to the items used. For instance; that family trip to the beach gained you mounds of shells that you've had sitting in a box for years. What to do with them? Easy. Make a seashell lamp and create a wonderful use for them that will be enjoyed by the whole family every time you turn on the light.

Things You Will Need

lamp kit
vase, wine bottle or mason jar
sand or beach findings
glue or punch out cutters
decorative trim (optional)
harp and lampshade
seashell finial

Step 1

custom seashell lamp wine bottle lamp kitFirst, decide what type of lamp you will be creating. Choose a beautiful vase type lamp, a wine bottle, or a small lamp made from a mason jar, these are the simplest types and easiest to put together. Vase lamp kits, wine bottle lamp kits and mason jar lamp kits are the best choices in this case as you can buy lamp kits in quite a few places around the internet.

Step 2

filling Here are a few places to find lamp kits:
You can find a Vase lamp kit at, or a Mason Jar Lamp Kit that converts a standard mason jar into an instant lamp at Or even convert a wine bottle into a lamp.

wine bottle lamp kitEasy Lamp Kit Turns a Wine Bottle Into An Instant Lamp

If you're super spend thrifty you may find one on ebay with a search for lamp kit, vase lamp kit, mason jar lamp kit or wine bottle lamp kit. Sometimes they have a lot of them and sometimes none, it just depends on what's out there.

Once you've decided on a lamp kit and the type of lamp you'd like to make, the rest is easy.
Instructions are a little different for each type, but all contain basically the same idea.

Fill the container (wine bottle, mason jar or vase) with sand, shells and beach findings in a decorative way so it shows off all your best pieces. The best part is, if you don't like it you can pour it out and start over until you have the shells just the way you like them. It's best to fill the bottom with sand to keep the base steady, especially if you've chosen the wine bottle type lamp.

Step 3

make your own custom seashell lamp (18226) make a lamp kitThen attach the top apparatus depending on which type you use the manufacturers has specific instructions for each type. The cord on these types of lamps usually comes out of the cork topper to seal the opening of your jar, bottle or vase with the harp (top arc that holds the lamp shade) either separate or part of the kit. Make sure to purchase a lamp shade to match the decor of the bottle used.
You can also decorate or use a punch out cutter to adorn your lampshade to match the lamp. Try gluing decorative trim or tiny seashells around the rim and don't forget to find a nice final to top of the lamp for a finished look. seashell frameYou could also use the extra shells and beach findings for other craft projects such as seashell picture frames and candles.
Your unique custom made lamp will not only be a great source of light, but a treasured keepsake with bottled memories of the ocean shore you can enjoy everyday.

Tips & Warnings

Do not plug in the lamp until all steps are performed properly. And please read manufacturer's directions carefully for each lamp kit.