Using very little of your time and little or no money, create an entertaining system that will keep your cat(s) mesmerized for hours! You will use items that you probably already have on hand and can take pride in the fact that you "built" something your little friends enjoy so much!

Things You Will Need

· 8 ft. of String

· Badminton Shuttlecock or Kitty Feather Teaser

· Previously Installed Ceiling Fan

Step 1

1. Tie the Badminton Shuttlecock, Feather Teaser or other "toy" to one end of the string.

Step 2

2. Tie the other end of the string to the support strut of one of the ceiling fan blades. It should be tied so that the toy hangs approximately 12 inches to 24 inches off the floor (lower if your cat likes to stay on the floor; higher if your friend(s) is a jumper).

Step 3

3. Turn on the fan and let the chase begin! The toy will begin swinging through a circular path and will probably bob up and down as well. If your fan's speed is controlled with a remote control or wall switch, you can increase the fun by varying the speed of rotation at intervals.


Tips & Warnings

· Use string that is heavy enough that it will not break when your cat swats the swinging toy!

· You should ALWAYS supervise your pet(s) when using this play system!

· You should remove the system from the ceiling fan when not in use!