Nail and screwCredit: RCE

Building fishing lures is a fascinating hobby that is both money saving and very easily accomplished.  The purpose of this article is for me to show you how to build a tool that will be used for making a loop on one end of a wire shaft .  This configuration then is a key element used in constructing homemade inline spinners.  Materials are easily attainable and very inexpensive.

 Here is a list of materials used in the construction of this device:

                                    1.  4" Piece of Dowel Rod

                                    2.  A Finishing Nail

                                    3.  One Small Wood Screw


Tools needed in the making of this project:

                                    1.  Hammer

                                    2.  Screwdriver

                                    3.  Hand Saw

                                    4.  Hacksaw


You will begin by cutting a 4" piece from the dowel rod (an old broom handle can be used in place of this).  

DowelCredit: EichEnd viewCredit: Eich

Next you will drive a finishing nail 1/2 way into the middle of one end in the piece of wood you have just cut.  Now insert the wood screw 1/4" away from the nail allowing 1/2 of the screw to be protruding from the end of the dowel  The hacksaw will now be utilized to cut off the head of your nail.  This is done in order for the wire loop (which this tool is being constructed to help make) to slip off the nail very easily.  The building of the wire forming tool is now complete.


Wire Bending 1Credit: RCE

Next I will teach you how to use this new implement.  The wire used is a simple paper clip that has been straightened.  Place one end of the wire between the screw and nail in such a manner that it protrudes about an inch from center of the dowel.  

Wire Forming 2Credit: Raymond E

Now take the long end of your wire and bend it around the nail.  This will begin to form a loop at the wire's end.  

Wire forming 3Credit: Raymond Ewire forming tool 5Credit: R Eich

After the loops size meets your criteria, remove this form from the nail.  Use a pair of needle nosed pliers and your fingers to twist the short end of wire over the long end.  Do this at least 2X and clip off the tag end with a pair of wire cutters.  This concludes the directions referring how to use your newly made wire forming tool.

In the next article I will show you how to take this newly acquired skill and add a few more steps so that you can make an inline spinner.  Thank you for reading this article.