Spoon Ring Instructions

Ever wondered how to make a sterling silver spoon ring? What a great way to transform a family heirloom or old found treasure. Sterling silver spoon rings are a beautiful, timeless piece of jewelry. These classic rings have been around since the 1600s. These originated from England when these were used by the servants and the poor as wedding rings. Today, people still wear and make a statement with this lovely, yet trendy piece of jewelry. These are quite easy to make yourself and makes for a great project to do with your daughters. A son can even make one for his girlfriend or mother as a precious homemade gift.

Sterling Silver Spoon Ring

  1. The first step is to measure your finger, so you will know just how much spoon will be needed. Take a piece of string or thick thread and wrap it around your finger. Make a mark so you know the exact point to measure.
  2. Use a ruler to measure out how long the string is, but add on just a about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch on to the measurement.
  3. Now select a sterling silver spoon to make the ring. It's nice to find these at flea markets from mismatch sets. Be sure to get one that is the width you'd like to have and also that is long enough.
  4. Measure out the length you need on the spoon from the handle end. Then cut of the bowl end. Use a jewelers saw if available, if not use a hacksaw with very fine teeth. This can be found at general and hardware stores.
  5. Once the handle has been sawed off, use a piece of sand paper to smooth out the raw edge.
  6. Take a hammer and cover the end with a piece of leather to beat the cut end smoother.
  7. Cover some flat nose pliers with leather and place one end inside a piece of small pipe. Now pinch together the small pipe and handle end of the spoon to hold it together.
  8. Now use another pair of pliers, covered with leather, to hold the cut off end of the spoon.
  9. Holding the pliers firmly, begin bending the spoon around the pipe. It takes some strength and can take time to do this.
  10. Once you have it in a round shape, play around with the pliers to get the spoon ring in the correct size. Be sure that the decorative part will over lap in the front.
  11. Finally when the spoon looks right, make sure there are no sharp edges. Sand or file if necessary.
  12. Clean and polish the sterling silver spoon ring using proper silver cleaning methods and it's ready for use!

* Be sure to use real sterling silver spoons and not stainless steel. Stainless steel is very hard. A rubber mallet can be used instead of a covered hammer, but the covered hammer can be easier. The covering is to protect the ring from scratches and nicks since sterling silver is a soft metal. There are special jeweler’s tools available that are rounded perfectly for each ring size. However, this might be hard and more expensive to obtain. The small piece of pipe will work just fine for making a sterling silver spoon ring. Just be sure to get one as close to the ring size as possible.

** You could solder the ring closed. However, I like mine to be adjustable so I can allow for weight gain or loss. Some spoon rings are even overlapping in the front (the top loop lays above the bottom loop with an open space in the middle). This makes it more adjustable. If you like this style better, it can be done using these spoon ring instructions.

The spoon ring in the photos below were made from my old, long hand baby spoon. My fingers are large, but it is still wide enough to wear on my pinky finger.  Learning how to make a spoon ring is a nice way to transform a keepsake.

How to Make a Spoon Ring 01 How to Make a Spoon Ring 02