A sugarcane juicer extracts juice from sugarcane. Types of juicers vary in price, size and use. The juicer can be automatic or manual. It's time-consuming to extract sugarcane juice manually so automatic juicers are used for commercial purposes. A manual sugarcane juicer can be made at home, but it is challenging.

Things You Will Need

  • 1.5 m long metal handle
  • 2 metal rods, 1 m long and 10 cm diameter
  • 2 bearing wheels
  • Strong metal plate, 50 cm in length, 20 cm width and 2 cm thick

Step 1

Learn how a sugarcane juicer works. To make a juicer, you must know how it works. Information on sugarcane juicers can be found online or in books such as "Principles of Sugar Technology."

Step 2

Identify the juicer you want to make. Assemble the materials needed to build it.

Step 3

Join the parts. Carefully place the metal handle between the two metal rollers supported by the metal plates. Make sure the handle rests on the plate. Have a friend help you join the parts using nails and metal plates.

Step 4

Test your sugarcane juicer. Put sugarcane between the metal handle and the metal plate and press down on the handle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Buy stainless steel metal rollers and frames to prevent the juicer from rusting.
  • The homemade juicer works well with peeled sugarcane.