It is a fact that that when we cook vegetable we mostly loose their nutrients and this is why eating raw vegetables is highly recommended. However, for those who do not have taste for raw vegetable salads, a nice refreshing green veggie drink may serve as a good enough substitute.

vegetarian drinksOf course carrot juice is a favorite with many people and even kids like its sweet flavor, but one needs other vegetables to be added to this too. Below are a few steps that will help to make a good healthy and yet tasty veggie drink.

  1. Assortment – Rather than stick to consuming only one type of vegetable juice, try and pick out an assortment of vegetables for this purpose. Choose carrots, gourd, spinach, cucumbers, etc, which are vegetables that sit well even in the juice form.
  2. Fresh vegetables -Begin by selecting fresh vegetables as opposed to using those that are left over in the fridge and you do not know what to do with them. Ensure that the vegetables are crunchy and juicy since you do not want to end up with a bad tasting juice.
  3. Wash- Cleaning the vegetables is integral to the juice making process. Right from bacteria to pesticides and even fertilizers, everything finds its way into these vegetables and not cleaning them will mean that these harmful substances will go into your juice too. So scrub the vegetables well and ensure that they are absolutely clean.
  4. Squeeze- Use a vegetable juicer to squeeze the juice out of the vegetables and depending on personal preference you can allow for as much pulp as you would like. Do make sure that the juicer is clean and you do not end up mixing old oxidized juice with the freshly squeezed one.
  5. Lemon- It will serve as a great twist in your vegetable juice if you add a dash of lemon juice too. Not only does this, enhance the taste of the juice but also adds vitamin C to the mixture.
  6. Drink immediately -Do remember that of all juices, fresh vegetable juice is the most perishable and this is why it is crucial that the juice is consumed soon after it has been prepared, without any shelving. So follow the steps listed above to make nutritious and tasty vegetable juice for yourself which will help your skin glow, your hair look great and also increase your energy levels.