If you want to even try to be in the running to date a Virgo you need to have goals and aspirations. They do not want to wast there time with any slobs or slackers of any kind. So if you are and you like a Virgo, get off that couch, find a job, take a shower and maybe you will have a chance. Read on for some more tips on how to score with a Virgo.

Things You Will Need

A Love Interest who is a Virgo

Step 1

If you want a Virgo, you will have to be the one to talk to them first. They believe that it is below them to do so and undignified. So if they haven't been talking to you, don't worry, make the move.

Step 2

Virgo's love anything and everything to do with the arts. So, you should ask if they want to go see a play, an opera, or go to a museum. They might be more likely to say yes if you do.

Step 3

Know your manners. They take notes on if you have them or not and will not tolerate any lover if you are rude and obnoxious.

Step 4

If you manage to take a Virgo home, you have to make sure that you are going to have a very clean house. That means no pizza slices under the couch, no smelly socks, no left over hang nails, etc,.

Step 5

Always look clean and pressed when you are out with your Virgo. No ketchup marks on your shirt or wrinkled slacks.


Tips & Warnings