Everyone has a clock in their kitchen or in their office at home, but very often it is nothing special. Most of the time it is more practical than anything else. This is all good and well, but often something like this can spoil the rest of the decor for you.

Now, making your own clock can actually make all the difference. There are no tricks to this, and once you are finished you will definitely see the reward.

Something as easy as printing out your favorite picture and attaching that to some foam will give you the base. Now all you have to do is attach the hands to the front, and stick on the clock at the back, and you are done. There are so many different methods that you can get stuck into.

Let's dig in!

Learning the Basics

You will be using the same basic technique for every project that you attempt. The basic tools that you have to have are an old small clock along with the hands. Before the digital era, just about every home used to have an alarm clock or a travel clock - these are perfect. If you have given those away, you can get them off Amazon fairly cheaply.

There is always a hole in the middle of your canvas, or whatever you are using. Here, your hand shaft will be able to go through and link up with the hands of the clock. It is actually better that you get yourself a kit because they will tell you all of the instructions regarding assembling the hands and they will also provide all the right washers to bolt everything together.


photo credit: photobucket.com/user/NameThatCandy/media/Crochet/IMG_3393.jpg

The Doily Clock

Using doilies in different forms are all the rage right now, and you can do this in different ways. You can put an actual doily on your canvas, like the picture below. You can stencil one on a wooden board, or you can pick up a ready made wire doily and use a backing painted in good color. If you are looking for a hue to correspond with this, go with pastels because the cool colors often do better here.

doily clock

photo credit: photobucket.com/user/NameThatCandy/media/Crochet/IMG_3402.jpg

How to Make a Sunburst Clock

Use this idea as your sunburst frame structure - Here it tell you how to make this in the form of a mirror. Instead of a mirror in the middle, you can just use a strong piece of foam, and then spray paint it silver. You need to be able to make a hole in the middle, but if you still want the mirror, then you can always ask someone to do this for you.

starburst clock

photo credit: flickr.com/photos/polapix/7090278461

How to Make a Record Clock

Making a wall clock out of a record is becoming more popular. You may have old vinyls lying about. If you don't, a record store won't charge you a lot. The beauty of this is that your hole is already drilled in the middle, so half the work is already done.

You can leave this as is, or you can print something out and put that on top. You may want to stick on an old picture of your favorite band, but I think it looks good just like that.

You can spray paint the hands a different color so that they stand out - something neon always makes a statement against the black.

record clock

photo credit: photobucket.com/user/Vintage_Groove_Clocks/media/Sample/DSC_0001.jpg

How to Make a CD Clock

The CD clock can be done in the same way as the clock made out of a record. You can leave it as it is, or you can do it up a little. These make great gifts, so don't throw your scratched CD's and DVD's away. It is amazing the things you are able to upcycle.

In the photo below we have a simple way of making a plain old CD into something a lot more exciting. You can just use basic craft glue for this. You can print out a picture from the family photo album, or you can choose something special, should it be a gift.

CD clock

photo credit: photobucket.com/user/maywong24/media/DIY/DIY-Old-CD-Clock_zpsb55a7304.jpg

How to Make a Canvas Clock

This is just a simple canvas project, with an added practical function. If you are the artistic type, then this is a great way to get motivated, started painting, and display your art work. 

You can decide how you want to design your clock. You can buy big numbers. Here, the artist has dots at specific spots. However, a lot of people may think that adding to much of that will just be added clutter, and leaving your canvas as with just the hands showing might be the better option.

canvas wall clock


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