There are many reasons to want to make your own wedding veil. You may have a lime green or gothic black wedding dress. You may want a specifically colored flower or ribbon trim and all you can find are pure white veils. Or you may just love crafting and you want to try a new project. Those are all fine reasons. Whatever your reason may be, you will find making your own wedding veil to be satisfying and simple.

Things You Will Need

A head band, large barrette, or hair comb

See- through fabric

Hot glue gun

Hot glue Sticks

Embellishments, like flowers, ribbons, or glass beads or anything for your romanic wedding.

Step 1

You can really choose a variety of shapes for the fabric. A circle or oval is most common in ready made veils. Squares and trapezoids also make fine veils. It might be beneficial to cut miniatures first to see what shape you might like best.

Step 2

You will probably want to pleat or fold the fabric as you attach it to the barrette, head band or hair comb. With a circle or oval, you may be able to wrap it around a head band, then glue it. If you are not planning on having many embellishments, be very careful with this step, as you won't want it to look messy. If you are planning on having a bunch of embellishments, you will be able to easily hide any imperfections. You can also make the hot glue decorative by making clear "beads" with it.

Step 3

You can arrange any number of embellishments from ribbons to roses. Or you could make it as simple as a small clump of dried babies breath on one side. There is no limit to how many or what types of embellishments you put on your veil. Some people have used this as a place to display or hide their "something blue." You could also attach any family jewelry that a relative wants you to wear but you are not so sure about, but don't glue it on, clasp it or tie it.

Above all, have fun in making your own romantic wedding veil. Wedding planning is a time of extremely high stress. Taking some time out to do a simple craft should be relaxing. If at all possible, make it a fun project, not just another item on your to do list.

Tips & Warnings

Lay everything out the way you want it before gluing. Once you've glued, it is a messy task to undo it.