If you want to accept money gifts at your wedding then you need to make a spot where these can be deposited.  Wishing Wells have become very popular, want to know how to make a wishing well for your wedding?

To begin with it doesn’t have to actually look like a well unless you want it to, it can simply be a decorated yet themed container on the table with a supply of small envelopes beside it and a place to put their gift securely.

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Mail Box Theme – This works great especially if the couple are saving up for a house and this was the intention of any money gifts.  Simply take a mailbox and then decorate it in the wedding colours and flowers and then the money gifts can be placed inside. 

Once the wedding is over the mail box can be used at their new house with lots of good memories of a great and special day.

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How to Make a Wishing Well that looks like a well?Wishing Well Wedding Gift Card Box You can get crafty and try and make your own, but did you know you can get these in card stores and wedding supply stores, but you can get them cheaper online at sites such as Amazon for under 20 dollars? 

You simply put them together quickly and they look just like a wishing well with a place to put the money gift.  Make sure there is a good supply of small envelopes beside the wishing well and they can place their gift in the center slot.

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Luggage Theme Wishing Well – This works well if the couple are going to be doing some travelling and are hoping to raise funds for that.  By using a hard cased cosmetic bag you can achieve this theme. 

The gifts can then be placed inside the case and once the wedding day is over, this case can be presented to them filled with the gifts as well as a great travel case for their adventures.

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Cedar Wishing WellCEDAR Wishing Well 45 /w gift lid If you are having a garden wedding then a cedar wishing well would make a great addition to the reception as it is heavy enough not to blow away, and will make a great addition to the garden when the day is over.

Many people will give the gift of money in the form of gift certificates, checks, or cash and they will need a safe place to put these gifts, so by providing an obvious place on the wedding table at the entrance to the reception will answer the question as to where to place it. 

So if you are trying to figure out how to make a wishing well for the wedding reception to receive these money gifts then just go by the theme of the wedding and some of the things the happy couple are saving for and get creative.

Take into account the size of the wedding too, and make sure you assign someone to watch over the wedding wishing well, as we don’t like to think of any theft problems on your special day, but it can happen especially if it is near a doorway. 

Create a large enough well that it can take quite a few envelopes without stuffing it.  Make a note to the effect that this wishing well is for “envelope sized gifts” so that you are not going to be worried about small envelopes getting lost amongst larger gifts.

So how do you make a wishing well for that wedding table?  Think outside the box and go for a container that matches the theme!

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