You can make a lot of money by writing articles for InfoBarrel. If this sentence has already convinced you, you can sign up here. If not, I invite you to read on. In my article titled My InfoBarrel Earnings Experience and How to Make Money on InfoBarrel, I went on to explain my early monetary success with InfoBarrel as well as what the typical earnings experience tends to be for writers on the site as of this moment. This article will focus on why I think InfoBarrel can be an excellent source of future residual income that grows greatly with time if you sign up and write articles right now.

If you read my other article, you'll see that myself, as well as other writers are making pretty good cash publishing articles for InfoBarrel at the moment despite the site being in its extreme infancy. I'm going to put something in perspective. Browsing the top 100 members recently I realized that with my 3 month's worth of occasional posting on the forums I had already made the top 100 most active users on the forums ever. There are three people who signed up in October 2010 just like me who are in the top 30.

Looking at the top 100 most active writers on InfoBarrel, there are only 90 people with more than 100 articles published. At my pace I will probably crack the top 100 in February, and I am not going at a particularly robust pace. The top TEN people with the most articles on InfoBarrel account for 10-15% of EVERYTHING written on this website. Let that sink in for a moment as to how few people are really dominating the amount of content on this site.

Think about this when I say there are only 90 people with over 100 published articles on this site. There are 15.1 Million unemployed people in the United States and 1.5 million unemployed in Canada. The ones who tend to be displaced are younger, tech-savvy workers or older blue-collar baby boomers. While the younger unemployed people will definitely have internet access, the older ones may not but could turn their knowledge of their field into cash by writing for InfoBarrel if they do. For instance, someone who got laid off during the restructuring at GM could probably write dozens of articles related to car models they worked on either through their first-hand knowledge or things they picked up through the grapevine at work. I could imagine those articles would become viral on the internet quite quickly. Let's say at some point 10% of all those unemployed people look for something online for income. That's 1.66 million people. Chances are a few of those people will try InfoBarrel out. And that's just the story for Canada and the US.

Now let's think about it from a worldwide perspective. Ignoring the obvious growth potential from English-speaking people in Europe, I'll focus on developing Asian nations like China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and others. These countries have many people who can speak and write English better than native speakers in North America and are just starting to get internet access consistently.

Now let's think about their decision point. They can either work in sweatshop-like conditions for 12 or more hours a day, 6-7 days a week to earn a couple bucks a day or they can write 100 or so articles to earn a couple bucks a day. If they get access to computers and word gets out that such opportunities exist what do you think they will do? There are people on this website who are outsourcing their article writing duties to places like India in exchange for upfront cash of a couple of dollars and publishing them under their own profiles. When the Asian article writers find out about websites like InfoBarrel themselves, just watch how fast it will grow.

They might set up the family unit where everybody has to work in a factory except the most educated member of the family whose job is to go to the library everyday, write articles and publish them online. Once that person consistently earns $2 a day then it's time for another family member to go and write. And it just grows from there. The internet will be the ultimate equalizer when it comes to closing the gap in income between the first and third world. In the InfoBarrel world, everyone starts at the same point regardless of country of origin or class. There could potentially be millions of people trying this out over the next decade.

There are 90 people with 100+ articles on this site as of January 2011. By January 2015 that number could easily be 10,000 people. If you sign up for InfoBarrel and write consistently now, you will be one of people at the top of the food chain so to speak. You'll be able to get all the best topics and all the best keywords related to that topic to title your articles. That will be huge as no one will be able to outrank you on search engines on that topic on InfoBarrel. And if anyone writes something related to your article, there will be a link from their article to yours displayed on the right-hand side of the page of their article along with the number of views your article has received. Your article will presumably have hundreds or thousands of views to their mere dozens. And as far as internet psychology goes, many views means that your article must be good/interesting/useful to whatever the user is searching for and they'll click on it.

Finally, as the site grows, it will get more and more respect from Google's search engine algorithm and articles from InfoBarrel will be on the first page of just about any keyword. That could be your article or that could be someone else's. Sign up now and take advantage of this opportunity!

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