This is a great skin mask for breakouts and clogged pores (and it is super cheap to make too!!).

Things You Will Need

  • Bottle of aspirin (must be uncoated)
  • water
  • small dish/container
  • honey or aloe.

Step 1

Put 6-8 asprin in small dish or container. Add a few drops of warm water to dissolve asprin.

Step 2

Once asprin is dissolved add either honey or aloe (in pure form...not gel) to asprin.

Step 3

Apply to face and leave on for 10-15min. Rinse with warm water(a cloth will help rid of the mask faster).

Honey offers soothing properties to the mask, as well as anti-inflamatory. The aloe is another alternative, and possesses anti-bacterial properties.

This mask is a great alternative to expensive store bought ones.

Tips & Warnings

You may leave the mask on longer if you wish. Avoid direct breeze when mask is on, as it will cause the mask to dry quicker and crumble. If crumbling occurs, try more water (or honey/aloe) next time.