When looking to add elegance to a décor most of us will think of flowers or even potted plants. It is a fact that plants have a charisma of their own and can light up even the gloomiest of places. In fact those intending to sell their houses are often encouraged to place plants in and around their home so as to add appeal to the place and raise its value in the eyes of the buyers.

hanging-plant-flower-basketIf you want to make some hanging flower or green plant baskets for your home, but are afraid the task maybe too complicated, fret no more. Simply follow the easy steps listed below and you will be able to create a basket of your liking.

Step 1 – The first step would be to collect all the material required in order to make the hanging plant pot. You will need a small or medium sized potted plant of your choice, some rope, an outside ceramic pot into which the clay pot of the plant fits easily and also a ring.

Step 2- Check to see that the plant is well rooted in the pot in which it is placed. Fit this pot into the ceramic decorative pot. Not only will this provide the plant extra support but will also allow you to keep the hanging pot aesthetically matching with the décor of the room. Ceramic pots come in several colors and designs and one that holds your fancy can be purchased from a plant store.

Step 3- Now begin working on the rope. Make sure that the rope you choose is not too thin and weak since this could result in the potted plant falling off. The rope you pick should not be something that can be snapped without the help of scissors. Curl the rope about six times around the pot length as if cradling the pot in the rope. Cut off the rope after the sixth round.

Step 4 – Now slip all of the six loops of the rope into the ring and tie up the ends tightly. Pull on the rope and the pot in order to check the stability of the hanging pot. After this fix the potted hung plant by using the ring as a hanger.

Remember that potted hung plants need to be watered and the excess water will drip from the plant. So make sure you choose a good location when hanging the plant so that the dripping water does not damage any wooden floors or carpets etc.