There are a number of different foods you can bring to a family or social gathering to celebrate the Easter holiday including an Easter bunny cake. Bringing this decorated cake to the party often delights guests with its appearance while also satisfying their sweet tooth with its yummy taste. Anyone with an interest in baking can add this festive cake to their Easter celebration menu by learning how to make an Easter bunny cake.

Bake the cake. Whip up your favorite cake recipe or purchase cake mixes from your local grocery store. Use chocolate, white, yellow or even carrot cake to make an Easter bunny cake. Follow the recipe or box directions to make the cake. You'll need to bake a nine-inch round cake as well as a 9x13 inch sheet cake. Allow the cakes to cool once they're done baking before you move on to the next step.

Shape the cake. You want to use a 14x22 inch pan to place and serve the cake on. If you don't have a pan of this size or larger, cut a piece of heavy cardboard this size or slightly larger and cover it with aluminum foil. Place the nine-inch round cake on the bottom half of the sheet or cardboard covered in foil. This will be the bunny's face. Cut the 9x13 inch cake in half lengthwise. Use each half to make a bunny ear by cutting away the sides to form the curves of the ears. Connect the bunny's ears to its face by placing them on the top-half of the pan.

Frost it. Most people choose to use white frosting to make a white Easter bunny cake. However you can choose to make your bunny pink, yellow, brown or another color by simply choosing a different color of frosting. Once you have your desired color, use a knife to spread icing over the top and sides of the cake. Don't worry about smoothing lines in the frosting since you'll cover these in the next step.

Add coconut. Sprinkle coconut over the top and sides of the Easter bunny cake immediately after frosting to make the coconut stick to the cake. This gives the cake an appearance of fur and the texture real bunnies have. If you chose a different color of frosting than white, dye the coconut the same color first by placing it in a bowl with a couple of drops of food color. If you don't like eating coconut you do have the option to omit this step and simply leave the bunny cake with just icing.

Add the details. Purchase gum drops, jelly beans or foil-wrapped chocolate eggs to use for the eyes and nose on the Easter bunny cake. Get black or red licorice to make whiskers as well as a mouth. Sprinkle a different shade of coconut at the base of the cake in the shape of a bowtie to add to the bunny's appeal. Use coconut dyed green around the bunny to represent grass.