The lead console

The Wii console is the biggest selling seventh generation system out today. It caters to a wider range of people whereas the Xbox 360 and PS3 are directed to conventional gamers. They were the first to jump in the deep end with motion sensing gaming, with the other two consoles lagging behind. But even with a bigger audience, it still doesn't support HD quality images. And there are many HDMI converters out there, yet you'll still only achieve the highest output a Wii console can get: 480p. So it's really not a must have type of thing. But unless you have a TV with no more room for component cables, you can use an HDMI adapter to hook your Wii system up

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HD Pro Component Cables

You can find an HDMI adapter at any electronics store, but if you want the best quality from component cables, the HD Pro Component Cables are well-reviewed by Amazon. These cables are super cheap as they've been drastically reduced in price. And many people report superior quality than the standard composite cables. It won't get rid of the "jaggies", but the image overall will be sharper and will prove to be a valuable purchase.

How to connect

Anyway, after grabbing your HDMI adapter (if you're still taking that route), simply plug in your component cables into the system like normal, then connect the other ends to the adapter, making sure the colors correspond to each other (red, green and blue). Finally, plug your HDMI adapter cable into your HDTV and you're done with your connections. If you haven't already, make sure the Wii is set for 480p output or else the image won't look any different.


If you wanted to save on room, there's HDMI cable for Wii, specifically designed for the console from a 3rd party business. It's called the Wii2HDMI adapter. Again, don't expect to be wowed by a higher resolution, as it's impossible, only 480p remember. It'll just save you more room than an HDMI adapter will giving you the same image quality. Cost wise, it's about the same as well.

The lone console

Many people just go with component because they feel there's no point in grabbing an HDMI cable. Component cables are far better than the composite cables that come with the Wii. Games look better and movies from Netflix appear crisper and more defined than the standard A/V cables that go come with the console. The lack of HD maybe be part of the reason the Wii is so affordable, which also maybe the reason why it's so popular. There are many Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360 debates going on, but not too many people toss the Wii into that battle. Probably because the Wii console seems to be in a league of its own.