You can make your own home-made potent herbal tinctures right in your kitchen. They are not hard to make but the hardest part is waiting for them to be ready for use. It will take a couple of weeks or so for them to be ready for use. It is worth the wait for these wonderful, curative potions. Tinctures are so useful because of the way they are presented in the body. They are absorbed very quickly which gets them into the blood stream faster. This makes them a very powerful remedy. Some common herbs used for tinctures are Echinacea, (used for colds) Ginkgo, (used for memory) & Valerian (used to improve sleep).


Things You Will Need

Small jar

1.5 ounces of leaves, flowers and roots

4 oz. 100% proof Vodka or grain alcohol

Dropper bottles (dark colored)



Step 1

Make sure the herbs are chopped up so they are in small parts. You can buy them this way from herb companies. If you grow the herbs yourself for tinctures, then you can use a blender. The formula for an herbal tincture is 1 part herbs to 5 part liquid. When buying herbal blends or leaves, be sure to buy certified and organically grown if you want the very best kind of product. Buy herbs from a reputable company as you want the best quality and freshness.

Step 2

Put the dried herbs in an airtight jar and cover with 100% proof Vodka or grain alcohol. Shake the jar up really good. Everyday shake the jar to stir it up. You need to do this for a couple of weeks until the tincture is ready. This is very important to do every single day.

Step 3

After a couple of weeks, pour your herbal tincture in a clean pot, using a strainer to strain all the leaves, flowers and roots out of the liquid. Make sure you remove all parts of the herb and you have only liquid in your pot. If not, strain it again until you are sure you have all the herb parts out of the liquid.

Step 4

Once your tincture is completely strained pour it into dropper bottles using a funnel so you do not spill any. The dropper bottles make it very easy to use without wasting. The dropper bottles should be amber or cobalt blue colored (dark) as the tinctures should be kept in dark bottles. Keep them in a cool place and not directly in the sun.

Tips & Warnings

You can buy all these supplies at herbal distributors online or in some health food store.