Weather you post videos one sites like YouTube every other day or every other month, a good intro can keep your video looking professional. Here is a simple free guide that will make it look as though you spent months on your video.

Here is one I made:

Things You Will Need

You'll need a YouTube account. MetaCafe, Dailymotion, or any others won't work.
An e-mail adress.

Step 1

Go to and sign up for a free account. You may need to confirm you email after you make a new account.

Step 2

Next, log in to you account.

Step 3

Click on 'Create Video' at the top. Then in the middle it will ask you for a video type, choose 'animoto short'.

Step 4

Now you'll need to get about 15 to 20 pictures that represent your company, blog, or theme of your videos. You can either upload them from your computer or choose from the wide variety that animoto provides for you.

Step 5

Next you have to choose some music that will play in the background of your video. Animoto also provides you for some or you can upload from your computer.

Step 6

Now you can edit your soundtrack info. If you took music from animoto's library, then you won't be able to edit this.

Step 7

Choose your speed and video cover screen.

Step 8

Add a title and a small description of your video. This will appear in the bottom left corner of your video during the first few seconds of it.

Step 9

Now you'll have to wait for the video to be created for you. This can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes.

Step 10

Once it's finished, you'll notice that you cannot download the movie for free. So we will have to "trick" animoto into letting us download the movie. Click on the fifth square from the left, this will allow you to post your video on YouTube.

Step 11

Click 'Continue' in the middle of the screen.

Step 12

Now click 'Allow Acess' to allow animoto to post your video on to YouTube.

Step 13

Choose the video category and tags for your video. Then click 'Export'.

Step 14

It will tell you that your video is being loaded on to YouTube. Open another internet window and go to your YouTube channel. Keep refreshing every few minutes until you see your video.

Step 15

Now we have to download the video from YouTube. To do this, copy the URL of your video on YouTube. Now go to

Step 16

Paste the URL into the box that is provided and click 'Next Step'.

Step 17

Select your file type. Windows users should choose 'wmv' or 'avi'. Mac users can use 'mp4' or 'mov'. Click 'Next Step'.

Step 18

You don't have to change the codecs unless you want to. If you don't know what they are just leave them alone. Then click 'Next Step'.

Step 19

It will download and convert your file. Once it is done, it will give you a download link that you can use to download your video.
There you have it! An amazing video intro that you can use for any of your videos.

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